Whoops + Colleague Gifts + Eczema + Tumbling

So- I’m a DUMMY and forgot to PUBLISH my Post from Wednesday.  Ugh.  My girlfriend Whit recognized it at night but I couldn’t change it until the morning.  So I published it yesterday and now here is today’s.

As many of you know, I’ve had some serious issues with eczema my entire life and at one point it was pretty crippling as it was so bad I couldn’t pick up the girls or bathe them for a few months when they were little.  Here are some pics of that time.

It was a bad time.  It was so painful, and I just remember crying and feeling so guilty as I couldn’t clean, couldn’t parent, cook, do pretty much anything.

And since then, I’ve tried EVERYTHING with the help of my AMAZING doctor.  And most things helped, but nothing would get rid of it completely.  However, since starting intermittent fasting, and eliminating dairy and gluten, it has gone away (except one tiny patch).

And I also use this Healing Eczema Balm that I got from EastND here in Moncton and it’s amazing- gentle yet effective.

I’m pretty happy to be eczema free. Whoo hoo!

This week a co-worker came to me with this!

He said he was at a book sale, saw it and thought I’d like it.  How SWEET is that?  I’m so excited about it!

And the girls had tumbling last night.  They’ve been in gymnastics but this year we couldn’t get them in where they usually go as the registration is SO HARD TO GET INTO!  And if you don’t get in, in September, your chances for the rest of the year is zip as anyone already in gets rolled over unless they cancel.

So, we signed them up for tumbling at a new place, and they are loving it.  We need to work on cartwheels, but they are improving and really enjoying it.

We went to my moms house for a little visit afterwards to pick up some items she got for me at Costco and the girls had a treat.  A fruit roll up.  Do you remember those???  So many childhood memories- and I taught Lily how to roll it on your finger….so gross haha, but yummy!

Not much on the agenda for this weekend.  Which I’m actually quite excited about!  Next weekend is Matt’s big race, so we are hoping to have a relaxing, chill weekend to prepare for that!

Alright- HAPPY FRIDAY!!!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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