Love Notes + Donuts + Runs

So, Matt brought Lily in to his work place this weekend as he was meeting up with a co-worker who had graciously offered to help Matt fix up his bike.

They were gone for a few hours, while Leah and I had some girl time at home.

Fast forward to yesterday morning- Matt got to work and when he rolled into his office, he found THIS waiting for him on his keyboard.

HOW SWEET IS THAT??  This morning, we asked Lily about it and she got all smiley and shy- it was pretty cute.

At noon, I left school to go re-fill my Iron supplement and when I got to sequoia, they had gluten free, dairy free donuts at the cash.  Well, they looked AMAZING, so you bet I picked up two.  This one is peanut butter and chocolate:

And the other is mint chocolate and looked just as delicious.  I already had taken a bite before I could get a pic….whoops.

When I was out, I noticed how windy it was….INSANE!  And really wasn’t looking forward to running home after school.  I WOULD have cancelled, but because Matt and I are leaving for Montreal on Thursday I knew I HAD to run as I’m not sure how much running I can get in this weekend.

And my 10km is NEXT weekend!  So, I went.  And I had a tailwind on St. George Blvd, so it gave me so much energy to keep going at a fast pace.  Every KM was under  6 minutes, so that was super exciting!

And this was my steps by the end of the run.

And this was my steps by the end of the day.

I was pretty happy to hop into bed at the end of the day.

I felt great about my run but honestly have ZERO expectations for my run next weekend.  Every run is so different- in fact on Sunday, I did 12km, and EVERY SINGLE STEP was a huge effort.

Alright, enough for today!  Have a great Tuesday!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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