I’m BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m BACK!  After a MONTH of being locked out of my blog, I finally found a way back in!  My renewal email had been sent to my secondary email account that I could not log into.  I didn’t realize that the renewal had been sent and then went on to be expired and then all of a sudden- I was locked out.

But, I got in to my email and sorted things out and this morning I was back up and running.

I love LOTS to share with you and lots to catch up on.  And obviously can’t do it all in one post, so I look forward to MOVING forward and sharing with you as I go.  I will just say, that this has been one of the toughest years I have had in my teaching career….and it’s been taxing to say the least.  I will share all about that in the upcoming blog posts, and I’m happy to say, that I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and feel like the fog is finally being lifted.

I also am finally (I think and hope) healed from my Achilles tendinitis and am getting back into running.  Slow and steady- so I’m starting out with a 10km run to make sure all is good and if that goes well, I’m hoping to go on to another half marathon. SO- I plan on sharing all my experiences, trials and errors with you in that regard.

Yoga is still going STRONG- this semester’s class is AMAZING and really focused and I feel like my curriculum has really been established and I know it inside and out- what a good feeling!

As far as family goes- well Matt is doing extremely well in biking and with his new job and is training for an upcoming race that is pretty important towards his Olympic goals.  He also has been doing lots of group presentations, films, documentaries and most recently was featured on this podcast, here

Check it out!

And the girls- man they are growing!

Now that we seem to be out of the wintry months- I mean we live in New Brunswick where THIS is the truth:

But knock on wood, we seem to be “out of the woods” and it’s been SO nice to spend time outside, getting some vitamin D.  The girls have been getting a lot of park time in

AND they learned how to SKIP! (This is going to make me sound geeky, but my sister and I were on a competitive skipping team and we LOVE(D) skipping and can do all sorts of tricks, so I am PUMPED that they can skip and plan on getting lots of this in, this summer.

AND Lily learned how to bike without training wheels!  She pretty much taught herself and as beyond proud.

She also has lost TWO teeth!

Leah hasn’t yet, but she has two of her adult teeth completely grown in on the bottom…..behind the baby teeth.  Freaky, but I asked the dentist and apparently it’s quite common.

Alright- I don’t want to overwhelm you and bore you with LOTS of info on the first blog back, but I wanted to say hello and let you know I’m BACK!  And super excited and rejuvenated to say the least.

Also- HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the blog (last week actually, but I was locked out at the time, haha)

LOVE being back and in control of my content again!  Thanks for all of the inquiries and questions/concerns.  I had lots of people reach out and ask if everything was ok, and if I’d be blogging again- some people even said they missed it and that made me feel special and loved!  Xoxo



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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