Easter Dinners + Easter Weekend + Easter Baskets + Organizing + Family Runs

I hope everyone had a great long weekend!  We sure did, although it was very busy with a family dinner every evening.

On Thursday, the girls had tumbling and then afterwards, I treated the girls to a grilled cheese at Tim’s and could NOT resist getting them one of these adorable Easter donuts.  I wanted one so bad, but if you remember, I can’t eat dairy or gluten at this point in my life, so I just drooled as I watched them eat theirs.

And then on Friday, CTV news showed up to interview Matt on his aspirations and dreams in regards to making it to the Olympics.

The girls were REALLY excited to be on TV!

Here is the link if you are interested in seeing it. here

We then had supper at Matt’s parents house.

And then Saturday we started off with a competitive game of Chinese Checkers.

Before heading to Matt’s aunt’s house for Easter dinner with the most of the extended family.  They had a mini egg hunt for the girls and Easter crafts to do before supper.

And Monica made these AMAZING looking (I couldn’t eat them, but I heard they were AMAZING) cookie dough Easter eggs.

Then we went home and got Easter ready after the girls went to bed.  I tried to make the hunt extra tricky this year.

And set up their baskets.  They got a summer outfit, chocolate, bubbles, and LOL doll (they are ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED), skipping ropes, Stencil Chalk Set, a JAX set (they love this game now) and books.

This book, The Book With No Pictures, which is HILARIOUS.

And this book of jokes, as the girls are obsessed with corny jokes.

They were SO excited, they had us up at 5:30!

So, we all took a nap and then Matt biked, while the girls asked to bike to my moms house ALL BY THEIR SELVES for the first time.  So, they took off after I gave them some strict rules, and then I did four loads of laundry.

And food prepped.

Then we took off for supper at mom’s with my sister’s family.

There was an egg hunt, and then the kids played outside and got soaked. so they all got changed into Nana’s nightgowns, (Wyatt got Daddy’s sweater) while their clothes dried.

And Monday, we played outside ALL day, the girls were running up and down the neighborhood playing with all the kids, and ended up having lunch at a friends house- thanks Bonnie and Scott!

And my dad and I tried to put a basketball net together.  It took FOREVER, with so many parts and horrible instructions, but we finally did it only to find out that there was a part missing and we couldn’t finish.  So frustrating!

But then I organized the girls room, and packed away their winter clothes and organized their spring and summer clothes.  So that brightened me up.

And we ended the day with a 7.5km run, well I ran, while Leah scootered and Lily biked.  I thought they would only do 2km and I’d drop them off but they wanted to continue, so they did the whole run with me.  And we all slept like babies.  I think I will like this.

Alright, hope you all had a great, relaxing weekend.  Would love to hear about it!



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