Winter Carnival + Wedding Gala + New Bedrooms

Hey guys!

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!  We sure did, albeit a busy one, but a good one!

As I said in Friday’s post, Matt’s company was sponsoring the Winter Carnival in Riverview, so we headed there Friday night.

It was SOOOOOOO cold, but super fun.  We got to try sledge hockey chairs and oh my gosh they are so much fun!!

The girls also got hot chocolate and marshmallows and got to make s’mores by the fire.

They had two blow up Igloos that were really neat and thankfully heated to give people a break from the cold.

The next day, the girls and I got up and went to the market to pick up a little something I got for Matt for Valentine’s Day.  The girls each picked out a treat, and I got THIS for lunch:

And THIS for dessert:

Both from Red Earth Kitchen.  I also got this chia seed pudding for my breakfast on Sunday-  packed with protein.  AMAZING!!!!

That afternoon was Winter Carnival again and Lily went with Matt but Leah opted to come with me as I had promised to help my mom buy and put down a rug at her house.  Lily had a BLAST with Heather and her kids (this morning she even said, she’s super sad the carnival is over because she misses Heather haha)

Sunday, the girls BOTH went with Matt to the Winter Carnival and I went to the Coliseum with Becca and Whit for the Wedding Gala Expo.  It was SOOOOOOO much fun!  The rush of running to get the dresses we wanted, and fighting off the people who were literally trying to steal dresses from our rack.  It was insane!  But so much fun, and I knew so many people working the event, which was neat.

AND- we found THE DRESS!!!  It was emotional and so fun.

And we ALSO found ALL the bridesmaids dresses, which we DID not think would happen as it’s off the rack and we needed six dresses, so we didn’t think there would be that many of the same colour.  BUT there was, and not just the same colour, six of the same dress IN THE SIZES we needed!

So, we went to celebrate afterwards.

And, we eventually want to move the girls downstairs so they can have their own room.  I love them sharing a room, but the upstairs room is a bit small and the downstairs rooms are larger.  So, I think it would help them to keep their room clean.  Also, if they had their OWN room, I think they would take more ownership of it and WANT to keep it clean.

The first night, they did AMAZING, and feel asleep almost immediately and slept the whole night.

Last night, Lily woke up at 10 and was scared, so I put her back in her old bed.  But she said she wants to try again tonight.  So, fingers crossed.

Alright, that’s it for today!

Happy Monday!



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