Valentines + HP Games + Concerts!

Hey guys!

I was home sick on Tuesday- actually- I had booked the day off because I had a doctors appointment and a dentist appointment, but I ended up being quite sick with a cold/sore throat, so it was nice that it worked out that way.  Essentially when I was not at an appointment, I was sleeping and trying to sleep it away so I would be okay the next day.

And I’m not, haha, my cold/sore throat seems to be getting worse, but I’m pushing through….almost Friday.

Last night, I got home and the girls and I got their Valentine’s ready for school.  They did such a great job with them and are really excited.

I thought these were the coolest Valentine’s ever!  You’re essentially giving your friends a GAME!  So cool.  Who remembers doing these as a kid?

And then Leah and Matt played Wizard’s Chess,

And Lily and I got Harry Potter clue done.

After supper, Matt went biking and the girls went to bed and I spent the ENTIRE night cleaning the ENTIRE house, mopping, dusting, laundry, tidying, etc.

We have someone coming over tonight to work with Lily and her reading, which she is super excited about!!!

And Matt and I are going to see Blue Rodeo tonight afterwards.  This was actually our first date about 15 years ago, so when Matt saw they were here, he scooped up some tickets for us.  I’m SUPER excited about it- and dinner at a restaurant beforehand- DATE NIGHT!

Alright, busy day ahead, hope everyone has a GREAT Thursday!


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