New Classroom Set Up + Newspaper Articles + Surprise Treats

Hi folks,

First day back with the students was yesterday.  Second semester begins- so yesterday was JAM packed and lots of talking, so I went home EXHAUSTED.  I was reading Harry Potter to the girls and literally fell asleep mid-sentence.  I’ve never done that before!

But, day too is much better as you can actually begin the work and the explanation of rules and procedures is over with.

So- I guess my husband was in the newspaper this week.  Coloured picture and everything.  I only found out because my custodian, Bruce, told me and gave me his copy!  Matt is a bit close-lipped about these kinds of things.  But c’mon!!!!  It’s embarrassing to have no idea until someone tells you these things about your OWN HUSBAND!

Pretty cool.  His company is a sponsor for Riverview Winter Carnival.  So, we are heading there tonight for hot chocolate, sleigh rides, skating and FIREWORKS!  It’s happening at the sliding hilll in Riverview tonight.  Starts at 6, and fireworks are at 7:30.  Bundle up and come out for some fun!  You can find out more about the carnival here

Hope to see you there!

So, I’ve been trying to make my classroom more inviting.  For my students, but also for me.  I realized that I actually spend MORE time here than I do at my own house, so I wanted it to feel homey.  I also wanted to bring in more “ME” so I felt like it represented me and also so it would make me happy.

Two of my close girlfriends at my school have done alternate seating (like couches, chairs, grouping, high desks, low desks, etc) so I got some of my ideas from them- thanks Becca and Whit, love you!

So, I have my comfy corner for reading.

And my bean bag nook for reading.

And my new clock that my custodian put up IMMEDIATELY…sometimes it takes awhile to get the drill and make it work, but he was on the ball!!!

And then I brought some of ME into the space with motivational boards, and things I LOVE- like Harry Potter, Yoga, Disney, Llamas, Crystals, Oils, etc.

I’m SUPER happy with it!!!!!

And also- my new mug makes me happy as well.

AND, my husbands co-worker, Heather, knows I have immune issues and can’t eat gluten and dairy, (she can’t either) so she went to The Cackling Goose Market in Sackwille, NB.  And BOUGHT ME SOME VALENTINE TREATS!!!!  AND, she BROUGHT THEM TO MY SCHOOL AND DROPPED THEM OFF AT THE OFFICE for me!  It was so sweet and such a surprise.  I got buzzed to the office because there was a package for me, and I was so confused, and then pleasantly surprised.  So thank you Heather!

Alright, that’s it for today!!!  HAPPY WEEKEND!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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