Long Weekends + Family Day + Teacher Appreciation Week

Well, I hope everyone had a great long weekend and enjoyed their Family Day!

Our weekend was very relaxing and we didn’t do a WHOLE lot (well my weekend was relaxing, Matts wasn’t really) but we did spend the whole weekend together and slept a lot.

Saturday, we got up and made smoothies for breakfast.  They were DELICIOUS and the girls have really been enjoying them!

Then they played babies with their stuffed animals.  Lily did their “hair” all nice:

And Leah asked me to teacher her how to swaddle hers:

We spend the ENTIRE morning doing this.

Matt spent the entire day working on his speech for next weekend’s Work of Heart.

Then Sunday, we had a nice visit with the Halpine’s.  We’ve been friends with the Halpines for over 16 years now.   Matt and I worked at Camp Centennial with Dave and when he got married to Kim, Matt and I went together- this was our FIRST wedding that we attended as a couple, and I KID YOU NOT, since then we have been to 49 weddings together!!!! (And there were over 10 that we could not make it too, so that number SHOULD be higher)

They have four boys from 8-13 in age, so the girls were hesitant about this visit, but they had a blast.  We had a yummy brunch and a lovely visit.  They have a hobby farm, so we plan on visiting them later this year on our way back from Quebec (bike race)

And FAMILY DAY!  Matt had a meeting with Angela for Work of Heart.  So, the girls and I took off and picked up my mom and headed to the movies.  Our plan was to see LEGO, Part 2.  We got there, got all our snacks and went to pay and get our tickets, when I realized I had looked at the times wrong and the one that started at 1:40 was in French!  And the English version wasn’t until 3:45!!!  UGH, #facepalm, epic fail.

So, we bought EXPENSIVE snacks, and sat down to eat them and the girls played free Arcade games.

Then, we took off and went to Hop, Skip and Jump instead.  The girls had a GREAT time.

And my mom took off and walked to my nanny’s house to have a visit with her and we picked her up on the way home.  And had a small visit with Nan.

Then we got home and I finished meal prepping for the week.

This week is teacher appreciation week at my kids school and Monday is the day that the Kindergarten and Grade 1’s are supposed to bring muffins and cupcakes.

So, we bought the big muffins from Costco.  It was TORTURE for the girls to have these in the house all weekend and not be able to eat them, haha.

Hopefully the teacher’s enjoy.



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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