Just in case you need a laugh….or a textual version of birth control- you’re welcome.

So, I woke up feeling SUPER refreshed!  Sunday night, I had gotten to bed way later than I had wanted too (which is still only like 10:30) and didn’t sleep well the entire night.  I’m fighting the same cold as last week, plus I kept hearing Leah stirring.

She is still sleeping downstairs (Lily decided it’s a bit too scary for her and wanted back upstairs-which is fine with us), but Leah loves it down there.  However, she doesn’t have her GroClock , Check them out here….so awesome! and so she has been given an alarm clock and told she needs to wait at least until she sees the 6!

Buuuut, she’ll wake up, see a number that ISN’T 6 and wonder “how many stars left on the GroClock until the Sun comes up (this is what the GroClock does- moon for night time/blue screen, and sun for daytime/yellow screen. So, she will come upstairs and check in Lily’s room and often wake her up or be awake for the rest of the morning herself.

On Sunday, I heard her come up at 4:10, and went to see her a few minutes later and found her sitting on her old bunk bed cross legged just waiting for the sun to come up.  I had to explain that THREE stars meant THREE hours and she would be waiting a long time and tired, so she should lay down and try to sleep.  She did, but then I COULDN’T….and I get up at 5 for the gym….so I was up for the day.

So, last night I was tired and in bed by 8:30, asleep by 9:30 and slept great.  Got up, went to the gym, had a WICKED workout and got home at 6:30 to the girls having eaten their breakfast and totally dressed and ready for the day. (Matt had gotten up early to work on a speech, which sped the process along- usually I’m beginning this process only once I get home)

But then…..once we were almost ready to leave, and the girls were dressed in their snow pants, I went in their bathroom to turn off their night light….and noticed someone had left a “gift” in the toilet but had forgotten to flush.  BUT, I also noticed that there was NO toilet paper…so someone had pooped and NOT wiped.

So, just in case you were curious about how the rest of the morning went, it went like this:

I figured out who the culprit was and said they needed to take off their snow pants and wipe their bum and wash their hands.  This resulted in a NUCLEAR meltdown because taking off the snow pants would take a long time and PERHAPS result in her sister heading to the bus stop ahead of her.

So, she bawled and fought with us about doing this.  Which, we obviously insisted she do.  It took about 15 minutes- which we tried to explain to her that she would be done in one minute if she just calmed down and did it.

I eventually decided to cheer her up by doing what I usually do, smother her with kisses and hugs and try to force her to smile.  However, she got even crankier and started crying even harder.  UGH!?  So I left her and she said, “Why are you leaving mommy?” To which I replied, “I’m done trying to cheer you up for being upset over having to wipe your bum- which you learned to do when you were two.  You’re going to be late, get your hat on.”

BUT then she was devastated about missing out on me cheering her up and so she cried some more and said “please mommy, please cheer me up” So, I had to fake cheer her up through my annoyance.

Meanwhile, the other child is yelling at me from the front door saying “Look mommy, I’m from Ancient Egypt.”  ?????????????  Lol, where does she get this stuff?  She made this outfit herself with the use of blankets and towels.

Yep, just the daily life of the working mama of twins, haha!

Hope you enjoyed.

Have a great day!  Looks like a storm is brewing for tomorrow, so stock up on your chocolate and wine!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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