Date NightS + Babysitters who ROCK + Food, Food, Food

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  We sure did, we ended up with a long weekend as school was cancelled on Friday!

And, Matt and I had tickets (thanks Shawn!) for Blue Rodeo Thursday evening, so we had a date night.  I had won a gift card for Five Bridges restaurant, so we got a babysitter, and went out for dinner and then to the concert.

I got one of my poetry gals, Sarah to babysit, and the girls had a BLAST with her.  She brought red and pink card stock paper with her and did a Valentine’s Day craft, like honestly, how amazing is that???

We had a great time.

And because I knew I’d be out late, I had already PLANNED for a day off from the gym, so I ACTUALLY got to SLEEP in on a snow day!!!!

And later that day, Becca picked up the girls and I and we headed to the mall to do a bit of “shopping” for the wedding.  And I got these lights for my classroom.  I’m SO pumped about them.

The rest of the weekend was filled with lots of family time.  It was too cold to do much outside, but we did go to the YMCA to burn off some energy.

And the girls got to spend an after noon at their grandparents house (and had supper there), so Matt and I got a bonus date supper.

And then Sunday was spent meal prepping.  I’m lucky that the girls LOVE meal prepping and so I have extra hands (and sometimes extra work cleaning up the mess) with meal prepping right now.  I will be sad IF (I say IF, hoping for some reason it doesn’t happen) they decide they don’t like helping me with these sorts of tasks anymore.

It was a busy, but slow and non-stressful weekend! That’s it for today! Enjoy your Monday!  New Week= New Opportunities!



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