The trending Marie Kondo and the art of tidying up!

Ok, so I want to know- who has been inspired by Marie Kondo and Netlfix’s original series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo?

I, for one, have had her book now for two years….and had not completely read it when the Netflix series came out.

I have always been a neat person and obsessed with finding ways to organize- I was also always one to have MANY collections from trolls, to erasers, pencils, feathers, special rocks, water bottles, anything Disney, Jurassic Park, Orca Whales, Shakespeare and Harry Potter. (and I’m sure if I asked my mom and dad, they could share more examples).  So, I always liked having spaces, like boxes or a shelf, for these collections.

Once I got married, my house was now shared with someone who does not care about being neat.  He cares about being clean- like the floors, toilets, dusting, etc., but could not care less if the place was cluttered or things were not where they are supposed to be.

I’m the COMPLETE opposite, don’t care about the dust, but it DRIVES me bananas when someone leaves a bag or clothes where it does not belong, OR leaves a cupboard/dresser drawer open….like REALLY?  Is it THAT much effort to CLOSE the door????  Or when you’re cooking, to put things away and clean up AS you go instead of making it a tedious, overwhelming mess??  Just hypothetical examples, of course…….

So, when I started watching the show, I LOVED the before and afters (kind of like watching the show Hoarders- LOVE it!) only this one gave you actual tips and pointers that you could easily transfer into your own house and own tidying skills.

Like- the way she folds her clothes into thirds and has them standing UP, so you can SEE every item when you open a drawer.  I LOVE this idea, and have already incorporated it and widdled down my clothes.

I was able to get through my clothes as well as the girls room.  However, with Christmas recently, and the influx of new toys, the room still looks somewhat cluttered, but I can understand the excitement of having the new things within grasp.  Eventually, a lot of the toys you see will make their way downstairs into the toy room.

Also, it doesn’t help that their room is somewhat small, and BOTH of them live in it, so there isn’t much room to spare.

I’ve done my book collection recently (although, I get to cheat, because I brought books that I wanted out of the house but didn’t want to GIVE away, so I put them in my class library.

As for the rest, sorry Marie but this is where I cut you off….I am not getting rid of my books 🙂

Actually, there are many critics out there that say that Marie’s approach is extreme and that she’s trying to sell to people the ability to have ultimate control, rather than simply tidying their house.  That life can not be lived if it is totally controlled, then we are witnessing rather than being present.  An interesting concept.  I think there is a happy medium, and that sometimes TOO much clutter actually deters one from being present because they are distracted by the chaos.  And it’s often said that the chaos in the home, can trickle in to create chaos in your life.  Also an interesting concept.  I was ALWAYS told and brought up to/forced to, make my bed EVERY morning, and that if you make your bed it prepares you for the day and sets you up for success.  I believe in this and am TRYING to instill this in my daughters-which is sort of working unless it’s an insane morning.  However, someone in my house also doesn’t care about this, so it makes it hard because if I don’t make it, then it’s not made and the girls see that. (let’s be honest though, making the bed when you are a quadriplegic is HARD, and time consuming, rolling from side to side trying to fix the blankets….so I understand.

All in all, I love the show and love her tips and really want to continue making my way through the house.  The main issue I have, is that she says to not do it in bits and pieces or room by room, but in her “steps”, which can make it hard, because you need a substantial amount of time in order to really get anything done, or else live in chaos while you sort through, books, clothes, papers, and miscellaneous items- which could be really cumbersome and time consuming.

I’d love to hear who is tidying up because of this new trend, and what your thoughts are and how it is going/went!

That’s it for today!



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