Sleepovers, Snow Storms and Exams

So, in case you’re wondering where I’ve been………..I’ve been stuck under a pile of snow and then once that cleared up, I was stuck under a pile of marking!

Lots to chat about, but so little time.

Last week was SUPPOSED to by exam week for the High School Students, BUT we got some horrific weather and school was cancelled Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. (and the roads on Wednesday were horrible, what is usually a ten minute drive to work turned into a 50 minute drive to work)

I felt SOOOO bad for my students Wednesday, because since the roads were so bad, busses were over an hour late in many places.  This meant that kids were coming into their exams over an hour/hour and a half late.  Exams are stressful enough as it is, imagine coming in when your classmates are already half way through.  You could tell they were jittery because of that.

One student, was an hour and a half late and had to WAIT OUTSIDE for that time waiting for his bus.  By the time he got here he was FROZEN and kept dropping his pencil as he tried to write.  I felt SO bad for him.

And funny, usually the high school students love snow days, but in this case they just wanted to get their exams out of the way.

So, all those snow days- I had no computer and was stuck at home, hence no posts.  And then, we had to do over time with marking to ensure marks would be put in in time for report cards.

Hopefully now, things calm down.

We DID have some AMAZING family time this noted in the sentence per picture below.

The girls REALLY wanted a dance party, pillow fight and sleepover in the living room.  They have been asking for this for awhile- so I said yes on Saturday.

The four of us started off the night with an epic dance party with glow sticks.

Then we proceeded to have a pillow fight.  I think the girls regretted this as I too no prisoners.

And then all four of us cuddled on the couch and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (for those of you that have known me a long time know that Roald Dahl was once what J.K. Rowling is to me now.  I LOVE all of his classic children’s books (his adult fiction is good too, but creepy!)

And then the girls went to bed and Matt and I watched some TV together.  When it was bedtime he took off for the bedroom as he opted out of the sleepover haha, and I got the bed ready.

We have a couch that when you push the ottoman into it, it becomes a king sized bed.  So I made it comfy and then went and picked up the girls and brought them to the living room.  I’m not really sure why they wanted to do this as they slept through the transition and didn’t realize they had a sleepover until the morning, haha, but they said they had a blast.  Then, in the morning, I went into my own bed for a little nap.  It was cute though.

And then we food prepped on Sunday.  The girls and I spent some time at the YMCA, and once we got home we showered, ate and then took off for my sister’s house to celebrate my nephew, Wyatt’s 8th birthday!!

I was in bed before nine- that’s what you get for sleeping on the couch with two six year olds.

Fun weekend!

Here’s to a full week of school with no snow days!



Blissful Bhakti Babe


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