I’m BACK! + Matt’s video

I’m back!  I took a much needed break from most of social media for most of January.  I haven’t taken much time off (other than a day here or there) from the blog since I started it last March.  However, between being on my own right before Christmas for two weeks with Matt away, then getting in a car accident, and having my Auto Immune diseases at their worst- I needed a break from just about everything.

I even took a break from the gym, mostly because I had too, but even after Matt got home, I continued that break.  It was the longest time away from the gym since Matt’s accident (not including when I was in China)

I had GREAT quality family time though and stayed active by doing things outside, like snow shoeing with the girls.

I have LOTS to talk about and lots to share though, so that’s fun and exciting.

I will begin by saying that Matt is doing incredible things with his biking and work and it’s pretty cool to see it all happening.  Hard at times, as it’s pretty time consuming, but we are really proud of him.  His ultimate goal would be the ParaOlympics in 2020, and that’s why he is working so hard….it takes a LOT of work and effort to try to compete at that level.  We have such amazing people in our lives and we are really fortunate.  We have LOTS of help with the girls from family and we have amazing friends who support us in as many ways as they can.

Recently, Matt was lucky enough to have Russell Smith from Beacon Hill Productions offer to come over and film Matt and interview him about his aspirations.  The film also was a way to make others aware of some of the difficulties of living with a physical disability- the tiny things that people don’t think of- and Russell did this by getting in a chair himself, strapping his legs in and doing daily tasks the way Matt has too.

If you have the chance- check out the video here

In other news, I live with a Ninja witch.  Check out her wand.  Haha, what a nut!

And the girls played and played and played yesterday with their “babies.”  Lily got a baby for Christmas that eats and POOPS!  You need to change her diapers and it’s pretty disgusting.  She wanted it so badly and was so excited to get her. So, Lily and Aunt Leah fed and changed her yesterday.  Then Leah got her cabbage patch doll and they played mommy for most of the day.  Putting their babies to bed, and even going sledding with them outside.  It was pretty cute.

Alright, that is it for today!  Happy to be back!



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