Ugly Christmas Sweater Day + Auto Immune Wellness + Packing Bikes

Thanks to all of you who reached out- man, yesterday was rough.  I’m dealing with three autoimmune diseases, psoriasis, EOE (eosinophillic esophagitis) and a bowel one that they can’t quite diagnose, but it is actually the one that I am having the worst symptoms for.  (this is because they could actually diagnose the other two, so I’m on meds that keep the other two at bay, but don’t actually cure them.)

So, TMI, I’m dealing with the fact that quite often I can’t get to the bathroom in time, and with EOE, I choke on certain foods, and with my psoriasis, well, I have ezcema bad.

Annnnnyway, I have a plan, and I’m getting more blood work done next week, and I adore my family DR., and she has been working with me on this as well, so I’m positive that by February of the new year, I will be good to go!


And last night,

I pumped Matt’s wheelchair tires,

And helped him pack the final things in this huge bag (thanks DAD!!!!  For taking his bike apart, coming over during the day and helping to pack him up!)

Also- my poor husband had to deal with my bazillion emails and texts yesterday about my hands, and ezcema, and “issues” and how frustrated with them I am!

And, he’s been doing so much research about auto immune diseases since my diagnosis (and his- another story) and has been listening to this pod cast to try to learn as much as he can.  I just can’t get into podcasts, as I am a BOOK girl, so I haven’t listened to much other than what he listens to while I get ready for work in the morning.

So, I started to do my own research and began with these ladies that he listens to, as they are supposed to be so great, and found a book that they wrote that is basically a – how to live with an auto immune disease….so I told Matt I think I’m going to buy it to learn more.  He seemed enthusiastic.  I sent him this pic to work and he thought it looked interesting.

And then I came home to this.

He had bought it for me a month ago for Christmas, but was a) worried I’d buy a second copy and b) wants me to start learning NOW and fixing NOW, so he gave it to me early!!!!

So SWEET!  I’m excited to get into it!

This morning I was on my own with the girls and they were SO great for me, got ready in their Christmas concert dresses and were in their snow suits for BREAKFAST!  They were so good!

I drove them to the bus stop and waited for them, and chatted while we waited…..and then I couldn’t get my car window up!!!  I was nervous, but eventually, when it warmed up, it sloooooowwly went back up!  Thankfully.

AND, it’s Ugly Christmas Sweater day at school….I have a collection and plan on wearing one EVERY day next week…..BUT, Becca and I decided to wear a special one for today!

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Muggle!


Have a great Wednesday!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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