Tuesday Tangents (rant really) + New Hats + Costumes

Tuesday Tangent:

How do you do it all?  This is MY favourite time of the year- at school, everyone is happier (yet stressed with due dates), there is the teacher talent show, the Hoop Classic Basketball tournament.  We have two spirit games, one for the girls and one for the boys and it is still so exciting for me as I remember playing in my own Hoop Classic Spirit game.  It brings me right back!  Then there is the Nutcracker, and parties and family events.

It is such an amazing time, but also stressful and overwhelming.  The gift buying, decorating, gift wrapping and balancing all the events and trying to make it all happen.

For instance, this week, I have a Paint Night Wednesday as a school function, Christmas family dinner Thursday, Matt’s staff party Friday and Mamma Mia (our school show) Saturday.  I look forward to all of these in theory, but get overwhelmed when they actually happen haha.

I’m one of those introverted extrovert that LOVES the  IDEA of parties and being invited to everything but when in reality I prefer staying home most of the time. (even though if I FORCE myself to go, I ALWAYS have a blast!

Then there is the truth in THIS meme,

Does ANYONE else relate to this?  And I’m sure in some instances it is the other way around, but I TOTALLY relate to this!

Also, this one:

Am I right?????

Ok- end of rant.

Also- I can’t get my child out of her Harry Potter costume, haha.

And Lily would not take off her new hat from Nana.  Too cute.

And that is IT for today!!!

Have a great one, I’ll be over here trying to balance it all and probably not succeeding hahaha.



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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tangents (rant really) + New Hats + Costumes

  1. You are not alone! I just commented on Sunday that my husband is as surprised as our kids on Christmas morning! It is a lot to do and sometimes even harder to enjoy. I keep telling myself, “These are the days”, because they really are. We have two older kids and two younger kids… time flies and we have seen it first hand. Enjoy the days because they really are the very best 🙂

    Merry Christmas

    1. Thanks Chantal! I LOVE doing it, thankfully, so I enjoy the process just not the stress, haha. Merry Christmas!

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