Time to Brag About My Students!!!! + Winter Formal + Christmas Break!

Time to brag about my students!

I am the advisor for a group of students at our school called ImaginAction.  This is a group of socially engaged students who wish to make a difference within the community.  Not just in our school, but around the community in its’ entirety.  ImaginAction allows students to have a space to create their OWN initiatives and be leaders.

I have two students who created new initiatives in their GRADE NINE year (this was last year, they are now in grade ten).  This is special as most initiatives are led by older students and a lot are passed down to other grades once the person who created it graduates.  These two gals created these initiatives on their own in their grade nine year.

I wrote an email to my staff yesterday to let them know how amazing our students are:

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you what two of the ImaginAction groups have been up to the past week to help spread Christmas cheer.

Sarah Mowat’s group, Highlanders for Seniors at the Moncton Hospital, raised over $2000 dollars to purchase Christmas gifts (necessities) for the seniors in the Geriatrics unit.  They worked tirelessly for months having fundraisers and also went to the hospital on the 12th to sing Christmas Carols and pass out gifts and cookies.  They even convinced Santa to pay a visit as well 😊

If you check out Friends of the Moncton Hospital FB page, there is a video of them singing there and they were also featured on the local Buzz news.  The video has reached over 13, 654 people which is amazing since the FB page only has 8,000 followers.   I’ve attached pics of the girls and also pictures of comments made by the families affected by their generosity.

Jillian Nason’s group, Princess and the Purse, helped collect close to 200 gently used purses (thanks for those of you who contributed) and raised close to $1000 to purchase necessities to put inside the purses.  They also got many donations for this as well.  They worked for months collecting and having fundraisers at local sporting events as well as Goji nights in order to raise money to purchase women’s necessities/accessories for the purses.

The group got together at the school the night of the 12th to fill the purses and drop them to be delivered to women’s shelters.  I’ve attached photos of this as well.

We are so lucky to work with such amazing students!

Merry Christmas!

Also- I have my meeting with my poetry girls today, but I know a few can’t make it as they are getting the Christmas assembly ready, so I had an impromptu meeting yesterday at lunch so I could pass these out: (there were 14 in total)

Last year I got them journals to write their poetry in, this year I got them Gel pens to write with. 🙂

AND our sweaters came in- how gorgeous are these?  One of the girls, Gillian, designed the logo herself which is pretty cool!

And Sarah and Emma created this- with a saying from Albus Dumbledore, a pic of the group (minus two ) and symbols that are important to me.  How.  Sweet.  Is.  That??


And also, Becca and I wore these yesterday:

And last night was the Christmas Formal- and I haven’t missed one of these and didn’t want to miss last night’s even though Matt is out of town….so the girls came with me!

And let’s just say, although they were shy at first, they had a blast!

My friend Whitney ran around with Leah, and Leah followed her like a little pup and talked about her this morning…insta besties!

They wanted in our pic, lol….this was the original one, but then we took one with the girls.

And of course, I had to take a pic with my poetry gals….well as many as I could find….a few of them didn’t make it in. 🙁

Ok, today is the LAST day before Christmas break!

Have a FABULOUS Christmas!  I will still be blogging, but not EVERY day….lots of family time and parties to be had!

Enjoy your holidays!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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