That Art Thing/Thaaaaaang! + High Vs. Low Maintenance

Thanks for listening to me be a baby and rant yesterday.  And thanks especially to those who reached out with their own stories- made me feel like ya got me! 😉

I decided I needed some pampering after that.  So, I got my lashed tinted by the lovely Tina

My nails done also by my gal Tina

And my eyebrows henna’d….don’t know how to spell that in the past tense.  But another girlfriend of mine took a course where you can use henna on eyebrows to make the tint last longer.  She also does microbading and shaping/waxing plus a whole lot of other things (nails, lash lifts, lash extensions) and REALLY knows her brows.  So, I was pumped.  I have done microblading and LOVED it but it doesn’t last long on me because my skin sucks and is super sensitive.

So- I did it!  And I LOVE it!  It’s dark but it needs to be as it fades.  Also, I know getting nails and lashes and eyebrows seem to be high maintenance, BUT I HATE, HATE, HATE doing makeup and I HATE mascara more than ANYTHING, and I suck at filling in my brows- so this actually makes me LESS maintenance because I wake up and go!

Plus with my eczema-filled gross hands, having painted nails masks them!  SCORE!

What you see without nails!

What you see with!

See?  Confidence booster!  Haha

And bonus- when I got home- Matt had dinner ready and it was DELICIOUS!

Tonight, I have a Paint Night at my cousin, Stacey’s house.  She is hosting and it is a social committee event for our school.  We have over 65 staff and only 15 confirmed, which is quite disappointing, but not overly unexpected.  My friend (Alicia’s husband) is the guy running the event and he is HILARIOUS!  So, I’m super excited!  Plus, I’ve always wanted to do one of these, but have never been able to so far, so that’s exciting as well.

We are doing THIS painting.  I will show you what MINE looks like!  Haha!

PS- check them out at here


Have a great day!!!!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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