Taco Thursday! + Gluten/Dairy Free Goodies + Christmas Games and HP Wrapping Paper!

So, I had the day off today for MORE doctor appointments.  But it ended up working out as I got some Christmas wrapping in between appointments and Matt ALSO had an appointment at 2:45- so I was able to be home when the girls got home from school.

AND I was home to receive THIS!!!

A girlfriend, who lives close by, was at Winners and saw this and thought of me and messaged me to see if I’d like them…..which I said OF COURSE!  And THEN she dropped them off at my house.  SO sweet!  Thanks again Erin!

Then we had a “Christmas” dinner at Dads and my step mom, Becky’s house.  With three families to divide time with over Christmas break, it gets tricky to see everyone.  So, we try to have a supper before the craziness starts.  Now, we OBVIOUSLY make time during the break as well, but this just makes it so we see each other more than once.

We had TACO dinner!!!  It looked pretty and it tasted delicious!

Kids table:

Parents table:

And THEN the desserts came out, and they LOOKED AMAZING!!!   Especially that middle one there, YUM!

BUT, not gluten free/dairy free…waaaaaaah!  Now, I am now that annoying person who has so many “things” I can’t eat, so I will NEVER make or expect someone to cook FOR me specifically…I will just eat what I can, and deal with it.  But I DO have a sweet tooth so I was UBER jealous!!!

THEN Matt remembered that Heather, an amazingly SWEET person he works with, knows of my “issues” and was at a cafe the other day and saw these DELICIOUS gluten/dairy free cookies and BOUGHT ME ONE!!!! It was in his car, so I RAN out to get it and OH MY GOSH, it was melt in your mouth SCRUMPTIOUS!  Thank you, thank you, thank you Heather!!!!

Now, after supper, my stepmom told the kids she had a little game for us to play.  So, we all got in a circle and had a gift to hold.  She then read us a story that had the words “LEFT” and “RIGHT” throughout.  And each time she said LEFT, we had to pass the present left and each time she said RIGHT, we passed it to the right.

WELL…..seeing the kids (mostly Lily and Leah) with their looks of concentration as they worked out right and left fast enough to not get lost…..was HILARIOUS!  And we just laughed and laughed and laughed.  It was actually SO much fun!

This is what the story looked like.  Super cute!

Alright- today is Hoop Classic Spirit Game for the boys team, so should be a fun day!

Enjoy your Friday!  We have Matt’s staff gathering this evening, Mamma Mia tomorrow and Nutcracker Sunday!



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