Short Week + Snow Days + Christmas Parties and Theme Days!

Hi everyone!  So, I left my computer at work over the weekend as I don’t blog over weekends and low and behold, we had TWO snow days both Monday and Tuesday and I was computer-less.  

So, I couldn’t blog, but I had a GREAT time!

Matt is gone away, as you know- I will talk about that tomorrow. But we still had a great weekend.  We had our Annual Friends Christmas Party this weekend and it was a super fun time.  I was still in a lot of back pain from my accident, so I wasn’t as “jolly” as I usually am, but the kids had a great time.

With crafts.

And lots of food.

And then Santa dropped off a big bag of gifts for everyone. 

It was a LOT of fun!

Then Becca came over and we watched Outlander.  The new season is on, but I don’t have TV, so she downloaded the episodes and came with her computer (as I can’t leave the house) and we watched some.  Man, have I missed Jamie!

The next few days were filled with lots of food, shovelling, playing, time with Nana and wrapping gifts. So, below is sentence per picture time.

The girls colouring Hatchimals

wrapping gifts for daddy

and writing out their own tags- they are getting so old!!!
They did it ALL on their own!
The picked out the wrapping paper they thought daddy would really love, haha!
Not to mention they did all his stocking stuffers as well!  LOVE THIS!
They were SO proud of their work!
Snow Days = Pancake making days!
And we hit up Costco before the snow started coming down!
Then we got home and made hot chocolate and watched a Christmas movie.
But still managed to get to swimming that evening.
More colouring because= more snow days!
Lots of snow time outside- and Nana WALKED to our house WITH a shovel to help as she didn’t want me shoveling with my back injured.
Grilled cheese and hot chocolate for lunch to warm up!
And lots of braids because they wanted their hair to be crimpy today, however, then they freaked out that they would be made fun of and I had to brush it out and put their hair up in a ponytail last minute and it made us late.  And now I’m a sweaty hot mess and was late for school.  I think it looked super cute though.

Alright, all caught up!  Happy Wednesday!!!!



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  1. Happy Holidays Mel! Thanks for the sharing in 2018~ is the blog one year old now? Good Job! 🙂

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