Nutcracker + Harry Potters + Baby Cuddles + Busy Weekends!

We had a pretty big weekend over here!

Friday night, Lily was invited to her friends house for a Christmas party AND a sleepover. She was pretty excited and felt pretty special as her friend was only allowed to pick ONE person out of the group for the sleepover and she picked Lily.  She was pretty pumped.

Drove my excited little girl to her friends house.

This is the first time this has happened as the girls have always been in the same room at daycare or class in school.  So, it was interesting. Leah was sad that her sister was going to be gone all night, but we told her she could invite two friends over for a pizza and Christmas crafts.

So, she wanted Charlotte and Meadow to come over- two friends she’s known since she was 12 months old, but doesn’t get to see often anymore as they are daycare friends.  They made a gingerbread house,

Ate pizza

and did Christmas crafts.

And played downstairs for a LONG time!  It was loud but adorable and so much fun.

Then the Elves came and got set up.  They bring a Christmas book every year on the first day of December and often bring a Christmas outfit as well. (other than that, they just move to another location every day but the girls get SO excited to find them!) They are hiding on the island lights here.

Since Lily was at her sleepover, it was just Leah who found them.  And began their advent calendar- which is a Lego one.  They get to build a new lego ornament every day, pretty cute.

Then Leah and I made pancakes for breakfast

Before heading out to get her sister.

We were headed to DanceEast after we got Lily as we were attending Clara’s Party.  Since the Nutcracker is at the Casino this year and is more expensive, they decided to do this for the children.  They got to see all the major dance routines and then at intermission, they got Nutcracker cake, cookies and juice.

Then they went back in for the second half.

Afterwards, there were colouring packs (with pictures of Nutcrackers and Ballerinas) for them to colour and a candy cane for each girl.

They also got to pick an ornament off of the Christmas tree.

And take pictures with the dancers in their gorgeous costumes.

It was so, so cute.  And of course, we mainly went to support one of my poetry girls, Veronica.

We had a great time!

We had a pretty tame evening with face masks and Christmas movies and Chinese checkers.

Then on Sunday, Matt had to bike for three hours, so the girls and I played cards

and did crafts with stickers

and I food prepped.

Then at 2:30, Matt took the girls to free swim.  Since Lily’s breakthrough last Monday, she’s been asking DAILY to go to free swim, so he took them.  Leah swam and had a blast, and Lily, had a blast but WORKED hard.  She practiced swimming and putting her head under over and over.  BREAK THROUGH!!!!

And I got to go have some cuddles with one of my best friends kids- Isla.  Adorable, ugh!!!!

This is me with Isla yesterday, and me with Katie’s oldest, Theo, when he was born.

Then I got home to two wizards having wizard fights with their wands.

And cuddles before bed.

Busy, busy weekend- but it IS December and it’s only just beginning!

Have a GREAT Monday!



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