Christmas ESCAPE Room + Teacher Gifts + Awkward Errands + Purging


I got a message from my MIL yesterday that she was going to keep the girls for supper!  YAY, so I stayed late and MARKED, and then got THIS ready for tomorrow.

It is a Christmas ESCAPE room, made by my good friend Bonnie at @prestoplans and you can find her   here

Her stuff is amazing- I WISH I was this talented with computer stuff….but at least I know someone who is- check out her stuff.  My students LOVED the Halloween one we did, so I’m sure they will love this.  The awesome thing is, they are having “Christmas” fun without just watching a movie, or having a potluck and they are doing something EDUCATIONAL without even really realizing it because it’s so fun at the same time!  WIN WIN!

So, I LOVE a good theme day, but I totally forgot that I had dressed up like a TREE for school and had to run NUMEROUS errands yesterday after school.  Not to mention I had an appointment at noon that I thought was TODAY until they messaged me to ask if I could still make it….to which I replied, yep sure am, can’t wait!  Until they said….well it was TEN MINUTES ago!  So, I BOLTED from my desk and took off and went to my appointment in my tree costume.

I got many stares, whispers, comments, giggles, etc., but I loved it and owned it!

Then I came home and put some lights into some of my Christmas decorations that I LOVE but felt needed some UMPH.

And got the girls teacher gifts ready!

Then they were home, and Lily went straight for her paw patrol toys and started playing.  She has LOVED playing with this stuff for almost three years now.  She has such an imagination and she is such a good player!  I love watching it.

PS- over the two snow days, the girls and I purged and cleaned the house in preparation for Christmas.  I have such anxiety of having a messy house prior to Christmas- as I know Christmas ADDS so much mess and “THINGS”, and if you have too many things to begin with, it just gets so cluttered.

So, I got THIS bag:

and told the girls in order to get NEW things for Christmas, they really needed to think of the things they really don’t use anymore, that they could donate to those less fortunate.

They did a GREAT job and filled this bag x2!

And TODAY is Christmas FORMAL day, and since Matt is away, and I haven’t missed a Christmas formal YET in my teaching career….I am DRESSING the girls up in their Christmas dresses and we are headed over to check out the decorations and pretty, fancy people!  I’m excited- so are they!

Alright, countdown is on! (who am I kidding?  I’ve been counting down since November 12!) only FOUR MORE DAYS!!!!

Have a GREAT Thursday!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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