Car Accidents + Gratitude

Hi guys,

I am not going to say a lot today, but I will just explain why I went dark yesterday.

Wednesday was supposed to be the busiest day ever for me.  I went to work in the morning and then left at noon to get to the girls school to watch their Christmas concert.  Then I headed back to work before leaving again to head to the hospital.  I had a group of students in my ImaginAction group who had raised $2000 for the Geriatrics unit at the hospital.  We were headed there to pass out gifts, cookies and sing Christmas carols.  The kids went on a bus, I took my own car as I had to leave early to head back to school for 3:45 to teach yoga to the girls Senior Basketball team (and then I was supposed to go pick up my kids and head BACK to school for 6 to meet another group of students from my ImaginAction group who had raised over 100 purses and necessities to put in the purses for Princess and the Purse- a charity that gives these purses to women in need.)

BUT, on my WAY to the hospital, I was at a red light waiting for the light to go green so I could go STRAIGHT, and the green turn signal went on and so the lane beside me started to go, and the person coming up to the lights behind me saw them move and me inch forward, assumed the light had turned green and kept driving, ramming right into me.

My car got shoved towards the middle of the intersection.

So, I ended up at the hospital, but not WITH my kids, for myself 🙁  I spent the rest of my day and evening in the ER and didn’t get to see my students sing, or help fill the purses or teach yoga.

I’m fine.  I just have bruises where the seat belt lies, bruised ribs, and whiplash.

Funny, I’m more sore today than yesterday and I thought I’d be okay to work but now I really just wish I was lying down.

BONUS though- the rental car I have has HEATED seats, and it’s HEAVENLY.  I’m not sure how I’m going to go back to unheated seats once I get my car back 🙁

But it’s Friday!  And I’m fine.  AND I’m thankful the girls were NOT in the car with me, and the girl who hit me (an old student of mine….did not have HER kid with her thankfully) so, it could have been worse and no one is hurt.  Just sore.

It’s funny, these things seem to only happen when Matt is gone away.  The first three times he left after the girls were born, one of them got sick each time- like clinic/doctor sick, and it was really overwhelming.

Then one time he went away our basement flooded.

The next time, we lost power for awhile.

This time, I got in a car accident a mere few hours after he left.

So basically, he’s not allowed to leave ever again!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

7 thoughts on “Car Accidents + Gratitude

  1. Oh Melanie, that is awful! Keep an eye on your injuries, whiplash injuries can show up later too. Hope you are not too sore!

  2. Mel, my kid got in his first accident yesterday with his sister in the car. You have the right perspective- graditude for life! Glad you are ok💗oh, and heated seats all the way!!!!!

  3. So glad you are ok! The same thing tends to happen to Corey when I go away too – father has a hearattack, Sadie with a possible broken elbow, kids at doctor from sickness, the list goes on. Good thing he can travel knowing you can handle anything thrown at you! 💕

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