Breakdowns + Online Shopping

Yesterday I had a little breakdown mentally.  It was a stressful day as I really dwelled on my “to do list” and the fact that Matt is leaving and I have so much to do and will need to rely on babysitters.

So, I had a little bit of wine and folded four loads of laundry and wrapped some gifts.  Then I felt better.  I also had some cute helpers, so that cheered me up as well.

Also, I am six weeks into being gluten free/dairy free, and I’m not really seeing much improvement.  My stomach issues are still very much an on-going issue DAILY, and my eczema is worse than it’s been in a few winters.  So- I’m frustrated.  I’m eating more smoked salmon and wine lately, so I’m not sure if that’s the reason, but I’m almost ready to throw in the towel.  Why cut out my favourite foods if I’m still having these issues???

Is anyone else going through this/or has gone through this?  I would really appreciate any advice/help you can give me!!!!

Also- this curling iron keeps popping up on my instagram and it’s enthralling- I can’t stop watching these people do their hair- the curls are so perfect.

Does anyone have it?  Does it REALLY work and is it worth it?  I’m almost ready to take the plunge and give it a go as I LOVE curls but SUCK at doing it!

This is what it feels like.  I didn’t even CLICK on the add, I just stop scrolling long enough to see them curl their hair and now it’s EVERYWHERE!!!!

Also- this WAS me as a child, and it is SO my children now.  Haha!

And this popped up on my FB memories- WOW!  The girls were so LITTLE, and my hair was so LONG!!!  I wish it would grow faster!

Alright, happy Tuesday- go enjoy your day!



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4 thoughts on “Breakdowns + Online Shopping

  1. I feel your pain with you food issues. My daughter was having some severe stomach issues when she was about 4 years old. So, I took her to see Dr. Blossom Bitting. She suggested doing a blood test that will tell us out of 125 foods which ones she had any sensitivities to. So, we did the test and it came back with her results. Turns out her body doesn’t digest potatoes (of any kind) and she can’t have fruit and sugar together… weird! But since have adjusted her diet accordingly she rarely has any issues any longer!! If you haven’t already tried it, I highly recommend it. My two nieces also had the same test done. I wish you good luck because it really sucks when you are having health issues! Take care!

    1. thanks Chantal. I did do the test and apparently my issues are casein, whey, lactose and an intolerance to gluten. But I’m not seeing any improvements, in fact certain issues have gotten worse or at least remain the same. How long did it take for your daughter to improve? (I’ve heard though, that the older you are the longer it takes to leave the system………….blah)

      1. We completely removed the items from her diet and we noticed a difference quite quickly. I saw the post you had up with your finger and the eczema. I am sure you have tried everything but have you tried Jack Newman’s nipple cream? I know, bizarre but it works wonders on all types of skin issues. I am longggggggggggg past the stage of breastfeeding and yet we still use it on so many different skin issues and it is a miracle cure. It is a prescription from the Dr. Again, I know it is bizarre but I have had several friends use it for eczema and it worked. I really hope your issues get better, food sensitives are no laughing matter.

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