Twin Day + Sleepovers + Puppet Shows

Whoops- I went dark yesterday.  It was a very, very busy day- they often are after snow days, so I never got the opportunity to sit down and blog.

Friday was a fun day, filled with new Costco trips, and snow time, and Friday evening was fun as well.  Matt had to bike, so the girls and I headed downstairs and played there for awhile.

They found their puppets and we ended up playing out scenarios for awhile.

Until we headed upstairs and they decided to put on some shows for us.  I had to teach them how to hide their bodies, so we only saw the puppets, and it was pretty funny to watch.

They had fun together.

Then my mom and I played Jenga with them- which turned into dominos.

Then they began spelling words with the pieces.  Oh well, learning is learning 🙂

Saturday, we had a lazy morning- which was fabulous and then we took off and got Superstore done for the week before heading to my moms house.  If you read last weeks posts, you probably remember mom took Lily for an over night date, so this weekend it was Leah’s turn.  She was pretty excited.

Lily and I stayed for a bit and the girls made gingerbread cookies.


Then we had supper- what they had- DELICIOUS and that garlic bread is my FAVOURITE.

And what I had- also delicious and gluten free.

Leah forgot her PJ’s- so she borrowed one from Nana- haha.

Once Lily and I got home, we made the couch into a bed again and watched a movie with hot chocolate and with daddy.

Lily and I dressed in our animal onesies to be nice and warm and comfy.

She was most excited about sleeping in our bed and actually ASKED to go to bed before the movie was finished, haha.

The next morning mommy and Lily cuddled on the couch and watched a Christmas movie and drew- well I drew and she coloured.

Then we did some facepaint- this is SO hard to do, made props for face painters.

And painted our nails.

Then we made chili.

And finally went to pick up Leah.  She had a blast at Nana’s and made some cookies.

And this beautiful gingerbread house.  She was pretty proud of it.

Yesterday was TWIN day at the school- Becca and I wore matching Stitch shirts 🙂

Alright- that’s enough for today.

Have a great Tuesday!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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