Snow Day + No Power AGAIN + Gingerbread houses and Swiss Chalet!

Another November Snow Storm and another power outage.   BUT there was no school and Matt’s workplace also had no power so he was forced to stay home with us.

Lily brought me coffee in bed!!!

We made the best of it and started the day by doing puzzles, colouring and making donation piles of toys before Christmas.

Then we made a gingerbread house.

The girls had a great time and played really well together throughout it.

By the afternoon though it was getting cold, so we packed up and picked up my mom who also had no power and headed for my sisters house.  Matt stayed home to get his bike ride in before it got dark- in case we didn’t get power back.

The kids all played outside for over two hours (and they had played outside in the morning as well-so lots of fresh air!) and they even walked to a farm and got to pet horses.

The big kids taught the little kids how to jump off the patio into snow.

Then they played downstairs until supper arrived.

We ordered Swiss Chalet.

And after supper, we were informed that our power was back on.

The girls fell asleep on the way home- I think all the fresh air and playing tuckered them out!  AMAZING!

The day before, I finished my first aid training.

And then headed to my moms house-  Matt had doctor appointments, so she picked the girls up.

We ended up staying for supper and colouring.

It was a good night!

And now it’s Friday!  What a weird and short week!  Lily was invited to a Christmas party with a friend from class and it’s the first time one was invited to something and the other was not.  So, Leah invited two of her friends from daycare, that she doesn’t get to see anymore, over for supper and Christmas crafts.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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