Rough Days + Damascus Oat Cakes + Costco Trips + Santa’s Parade

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I had a relaxing one, which is exactly what I needed.  Since I’m anemic and my iron level is so low, I lose a lot of energy during my cycle.  Last week was when I was menstruating and I was EXHAUSTED and cranky!

So, I have an amazing husband who let me sleep in BOTH days!  He also knew how exhausted I was and that I had a rough week (with a few things going on) so when I got home Friday after work, I came home to a nice bottle of wine.

And we just a pretty chill evening.  My mom stopped by.

And then we just had a very low- key evening and watched movies.  The girls have been loving on each other so much lately- which is cute to see, but ALWAYS leads to someone going slightly too far and then a fight ensues…..or someone cries.  But it’s cute to see prior to that.

Then a story in bed.

Saturday, we got up and Matt biked while the girls and I took of for the YMCA.  They had fun playing with their games and I got a nice workout in.

Then they had a birthday party at the bowling alley in Riverview, so Matt had and I had a “date.”  This date was us going grocery shopping without kids.  Now- I know this doesn’t sound that fun, but all those with kids know how glorious it is to go up and down those aisles without kids!

Then we went to Damascus for coffee and oat cakes.

Matt had never had one of these before and let’s just say he was not disappointed.  Although, he was slightly upset with me that I made him aware of these things because now he thinks he won’t be able to drive by Damascus without getting one.  Whoops- sorry Matt, haha.

Then, of course, we went to the Santa Parade and watched all the beautiful floats.

The girls brought their letters for Santa.

And we met up with the Hockings.  By chance, but that was neat as we have been with them for almost every parade.

They were able to get really close to wave to Santa.

And then we went for a drive along the water front to see the lights in Riverview- so beautiful.

And Sunday, we were CRAZY enough to head over to Costco.  It was a bit insane, but we went in anticipating it and we were ready for it.

It was fun though, except Lily was not happy about the lack of samples.

Then we had Matt’s father over for dinner since his mother has been away for awhile.  We got pizza and since I can’t eat gluten right now and am allergic to dairy- this is what I had.


And what they had.

Mine was okay, but MAN that cheese pizza smelled good!

Alright, hope everyone has a happy Monday- this is the LAST WEEK OF NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

PS- my kids play with my phone so much, and always play with SnapChat and the filters, but I have never seen this one before and I CAN. NOT. get over this one, hahaha- Leah looks HILARIOUS and yet adorable.

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