PEACEFUL evening + Zombie in-class ESCAPE Room

Well, we had a WONDERFUL evening.  Matt took the girls to a park after school since it was SO beautiful out yesterday, and then we met up at home and had supper AT OUR HOUSE! (Leah was in a “mood” because she didn’t think she was IN the picture enough….)

I am so, so thankful, like I said yesterday, to my mom who essentially housed and fed us for four days ( and not gonna like, on my way home last night I stopped by as she made me gluten free, dairy free bean soup and also some hamburger soup for the girls , so I guess she technically fed us last night as well, haha- thanks MOM! ) but this time we ate in our own home.

The girls got ready for bed and then WE CUDDLED on the couch and watched SHOWS and just had a lazy, lazy evening, because it was the first one this week and tomorrow is Parent/Teacher and I have a doctor appointment beforehand so I won’t be home until 9:30-10pm and I won’t see them at all.

But we also did NINE puzzles together while Matt biked.  I found a package of 20 mini puzzles I had bought on sale to put into treat bags for the girls birthday….but then I forgot about it, so I surprised the girls with “new” puzzles and they were SO excited.  It was REALLY fun!

So, we had a nice, relaxing evening!

Today is a LONG day.  I actually really enjoy PTI, but it makes for a tiring day.  I get up at 5 and work out and then work all day, have a doctor appt after school, and then PTI from 6:30-9.

BUT, today we have short periods as we have a Remembrance Day Assembly.  That will be nice, I always enjoy those assemblies, makes you take a moment to remember and feel thankful and grateful.

And since the classes are shorter due to the assembly, I decided to take a pause from our novel study and have an in-class ESCAPE room that my girlfriend Bonnie made.  Check her out on instagram here @prestoplans

She literally has some sort of activity for ANYTHING you could dream about.  She is SO, SO creative and a genius when it comes to computer “stuff”.  You HAVE to check out her store on teacherspayteachers- just google that and put Presto Plans in the search engine and her entire store is there.  So.  Much.  Fun

There are six stations, and six tasks.  The students’ teacher- me- has turned into a Zombie and they must help rescue me, working through ENGLISH/GRAMMAR/CONVENTIONS/PARAGRAPH MAKING/etc., (all English class type stuff essentially) problems to save me.

It should be a blast- and I hope it works well and I haven’t messed it up, haha.

Will keep you posted!

Have a great Thursday!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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