PD Day + Parent/Teacher + Guacamole

Longest day ever yesterday!  But the parent/teacher went really well and I had some great conversations.  It’s interesting, as I always learn things about my students, like anxiety, or issues that could affect their learning, that you would have no idea about if there was to PTI, and I feel like it really helps me as a teacher to know these things.  It helps you know WHY students may be acting out or having trouble.

It was really nice, but it does make for a LONG day!

SO- the Zombie Escape Room was such an amazing success!!!!!  The kids absolutely loved it (from what I’ve heard so far) and it went really well!

They were SO competitive and really did a great job going through the “English” logic based puzzles.

And then today we had more parent teacher interviews all morning and then some of the female staff members went out for lunch at Guacamole.  It was my first time and I love it- delicious, and Gluten Free/Dairy Free options so it made my life easy.  I LOVE avocado.

Then the PM was for Mission/Vision stuff for the school.  Cheers……..

And also the girls woke up and when I got home from the gym , they were about nine puzzles in and it wasn’t even 7am!  Haha!

Happy Friday!!!!!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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