Partner Yoga + Weekly Update + Sour keys, Clowns and Lego

I was out yesterday because of doctor appointments (I try to line as many as I can within a day) and it was a pretty busy day, so I didn’t get to blog- sorry!

So, on Halloween, I was up early and at the gym for 5am.  Got a good workout in, and then walked down towards the lockers and saw THIS in the gym.

Andre, who works at the Y, had dressed up as a clown and was LEADING a class IN his costume!  It MADE my day!  Way to go Andre!

After school, I rushed home and put on my THIRD costume for the year, a Unicorn that is EXTRA (with the tutu) and Lily matched me with her EXTRA Elephant, and last minute Leah decided she wanted to be RAINBOW BRITE.  I was Rainbow Brite a few years back and she loved the costume.  The kids had no idea who she was, but the parents LOVED it.

They had a BLAST.  And even more fun pigging out afterwards.

I LOVE it when houses go all out, like this one!

Last night, I was lucky enough to be the one to pick them up at the bus stop as I was home.  They were so excited to see me.  And we went home and played Lego.

Then they had basketball and I got in a wicked workout.

In my yoga class, we did PARTNER yoga, and they had an absolute blast!  These gals ROCKED the poses.

And my grade nine students have heard about my obsession with Sour Keys, so I got to my period five class and found this one my desk!  LOVE it!

Alright- have a FABULOUS rainy Friday!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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