Nutcrackers + Haircuts + Grateful- life is precious

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m basically a cartoon character that gets obsessive over things- Jurassic Park (dinosaurs), Free Willy (orca whales), Twister (wanted to be a tornado chaser), Harry Potter (Harry Potter haha), Eraser, trolls, rocks, pencils- had epic collections.  All things Disney- obsessed, all things yoga and Buddha- obsessed, essential oils, semi-precious stones, mala beads/necklaces, water bottles, and of course NUTCRACKERS!

I have been obsessed with Nutcrackers since grade six when my girlfriend, Melissa, got me my first one for Christmas.  This guy:

And since then…..let’s just say my collection has grown….

And would continue to grow exponentially, if my marriage could take it….he’s threatened me…..

I just saw these beauties in the Walmart flyer, and I want all three of them!  They match my Christmas decor….so I think it’s only fair that I get them and only fairer that Matt just deal with it.

And my tree is covered with Nutcracker decorations:

And then I was at Superstore the other day and saw THIS!!!  I’m so excited to wrap my gifts in this and see nothing but nutcrackers under my tree!!!

AND, then there is the DISNEY NUTCRACKER MOVIE that just came out!  I mean c’mon!!!!!!!!  I’m so excited to see this but hope my girls can see it as well.  I’m nervous they will be scared….thoughts?  Has anyone seen it?  Would six year olds be okay with this film?

Also- random, but Matt saw something like this and sent a picture to me thinking it would be a good idea/thing to do with our girls.  I agreed, so I made my own version.  My girlfriend Bonnie from @prestoplans would be proud of me! (I think, haha)

It will be interesting to see what they come up with.  I will share the results!

Reference letter season is upon us.  Asked for two in the same day….thankfully, yesterday was Take Your Kids to Work Day for the grade 9’s, so I had a little extra time to prepare these.  It’s an honour to be asked to write these references, and sometimes can be really fun, other times can be difficult, if you don’t know the student CRAZY well.  These two were pretty simple, their resumes speak for themselves.  Hopefully, they are pleased with them.

Leah had a dentist appointment yesterday at 3:30, and it’s very close to my school, so I just took off after the bell and met them there.  Matt took off to head home for his bike ride, and the girls and I went to get them a hair cut.

They were sad to see their hair go, but excited for the appointment.  Lily went first and Leah was hilarious, saying things like “mommy!  She’s destroying Lily’s hair!” -she was NOT happy with how much she took off.  And, “can she keep the front part long?” I told her no, that would look RIDICULOUS.  Haha.

I am SO happy, as shorter hair is easier to care for.

And they did like it after it was done, essentially because I told them they looked just like Claire, their cousin, whom they are obsessed with.

They also enjoyed it because I bribed them, yep, that’s right….I’m not below bribing, that if they cut it short they could get some glow sticks afterwards at the Dollar store.

Then we went to visit my mom.  She actually lost a really good friend of hers to cancer.  It happened REALLY quickly, in a span of a month, so it’s been really a sad thing to witness.  This woman was the funniest, and “funnest” not a word, person.  She had such a huge spirit and was always full of energy and jokes.  She was also so healthy and vibrant, and always took such good care of herself and even better care of those around her.  The type of person who really took care of her loved ones.  She looked ten years younger than she was as well, so it was shock to hear she was sick and even more of a shock how fast it all happened.

So, we went over to spend some time with mom last night.  She was supposed to go to the funeral in PEI yesterday, but the bridge was actually CLOSED down to ALL vehicles due to the high winds.  Which really bummed my mom out, but she did get to talk to her friends’ daughter the morning of and they shared stories and had a really special conversation which I think helped make her feel less guilty for not making it over.

Crazy how fast it can all happen.  Makes you really take a step back and be thankful and grateful for all that you have.

We had a good time, playing Guess Who, making puzzles,

And playing:

And eating supper.

Theirs with delicious cheese

Mine 🙁 but it was still delicious.

Alright, everyone get ready= 15-20 cm of snow coming up tomorrow!

Have a great Thursday,



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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