Matt’s magazine interview! + Game Night + Shoveling

So, if you have me on facebook, you would have seen this post.

When Matt worked at Stantec, he was asked to do an interview about his work journey at Stantec, his recent para cycling pursuits, and how much of an impact him getting active again had on his well-being and outlook on life.

The interview is now on the home-screen of the Stantec website and has since gotten a lot of attention.  It’s pretty cool to see people react to his success and his story and how he has overcome so many obstacles- I mean he married a HOT girl!!!!, had two gorgeous kids even though they can be a lot to handle at times, and has done pretty okay for himself as well….I kid, I kid!  He’s done amazing.  He’s an amazing father, husband and a hard worker.  He’s passionate about his job and just as passionate about biking.

I am so rooting for him and I really hope he sees success and achieves his goals.

A neat aspect of him sharing his story, is that it reaches people who are going through or have gone through similar situations.  And it really helps some of them realize that there are so many things you can do regardless of your disabilities.  And it hopefully can motivate or help people who are going through rough times.

He actually received quite a few emails and some of them would bring you to tears to hear their stories and how much it helped them to read his.  He has reached back to them and hopefully can make connections and continue to help them.

Pretty cool guy. 😉

My car was in the shop yesterday getting the winter tires put on, and it was really nice because Matt drove me to school.  It was so awesome, because we got to just chat the whole time…about things that were not focused around the girls.  Just the two of us- no shows, no biking, just us.  It was nice.

And then my dad picked me up after school and drove me to get the car.

I got home and the girls went outside to play.

And then they shoveled the driveway- win, win!

And while they were out, they asked me to draw some cartoon Santa’s for them.  Fun, fun.

And then they got in, and instead of colouring them, wanted to play cards.  Seven games of “Go Fish” and “Old Paw Patrol Bone” later and it was bed time.

It was a fun night though!

Also- with my food allergies and eczema, Achilles tendinitis and joint cracks….blah, blah, blah- I feel like this is me, haha.

Alright, have a great Wednesday!



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