Matt- Guest Speaker + Para Sports + Ice Skating

So, Matt came to my school yesterday.  Not going to lie, I LOVED it and could get used to working with him everyday.  Wish it could happen!

He came to speak to some Wellness classes on living with a disability and how you can still be active.

He brought a LOT of equipment with him to show the students various para sports.

He is such a natural speaker and is really passionate about it.  He’s pretty much passionate about anything and everything he does, but he really should be doing this professionally.  He has such an amazing story and is such a positive role model.

From what I’ve heard from my students, they really enjoyed his talk and really enjoyed trying out the different sports and equipment.

I got home to some pretty excited little girls.  Originally, they were supposed to go ice skating yesterday after school, but we forgot to check if their skates still fit from last winter….and they don’t.  They were devastated, but they dressed up in their winter best and headed outside for two and a half hours.

By the time I got home, there were MANY huge snow balls in our yard about around five tiny snowmen.  And the girls were in their pj’s ready to cuddle.

It was a really nice night.

Today, after school, the girls have a dentist appointment and then we are heading out to get their hair cut.  Their hair grows SO fast and it’s almost past their bums again, and it gets so hard to manage at that length.  And with snowy hair in our future, I want it short so it’s not a tangled mess when they are done playing outside.

Also, this time of year is always insane, don’t you find?  I just LOVE Christmas and I’m already decorated, as you know.  I find this puts me in the BEST mood, but I still find this time of year a little hectic.  There are so many events and fundraisers and such little time.  I saw this meme, and it really reminded me of ME this time of year.  I do yoga daily, and try to meditate daily as well…..but lately, I’m having a hard time shutting my mind off as I do so….anyone else with me on this???

And the skin is getting chapped and paler and paler by the minute.  Which tends to extenuate the dark circles under my eyes…, this is going to be my mantra for the next few months- plus upping my Vitamin D intake and iron intake.

Hahaha- motherhood!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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