Grateful for Power +Grateful to be back

So, yeah, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been offline for the past few days- which is bizarre since, since starting this blog I haven’t missed many days and DEFINITELY not more than ONE day in a row.

HOWEVER, we lost power on Saturday at 8:44 (I know the specific time because when it came back on the clocks were displaying this) and ONLY came back on in the middle of the night last night.  So, four days without power.  I am so, so grateful it is back on, as I learned this morning that some people might be without until this weekend.  I could not imagine!

THANKFULLY, I was on a roll on Friday evening when I got home from school (I went grocery shopping after school), and I got right to work with food prep.  The girls helped me, and we got ALL our lunches done

AND most of our breakfasts as well.

Then, the girls and I made pancakes.  Beautiful start to the weekend.

Saturday, we had a nice, lazy morning and then hit up the Y for Kids Zone and I got a workout in upstairs.

That evening we all cuddled up on the couch and watched Spy Kids.  We wanted the girls to stay up a little later than usual because of the time change and we had a great time.  Put them to bed and then BAM, lost power.

So, the next morning we got up and went to Pur & Simple for breakfast.  It was our first time and it was AMAZING!  Since I’m gluten, dairy and egg free now BLAH, I got this yummy bowl and it was so delicious.

Everyone else had banana chocolate pancakes.  Yummy.

The rest of the weekend and the week thus far has consisted of us staying away from home as much as we could except to sleep.  Thank GOD my mom, who lives close, did not lose power and was kind enough to FEED us DAILY!  Thanks mom – we love you!!!!

And keep us warm, and showered.  My sister and her family lost power for a bit as well, so it was a house full!

And thankfully, Matt’s boss is AMAZING, and lent us his generator, so we didn’t lose much food.

We DID lose shingles, but we got the roof fixed before the rain, so no damage there!

Super grateful that the power is back, and tomorrow is Parent/Teacher Interviews, so grateful it’s back before that so Matt doesn’t have to worry about being in the house with the girls, without me and without power.

Happy to be back!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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