Christmas Wrapping + First Aid + Swimming Success!

I totally forgot to mention that I’d be offline Monday as I was renewing my first aid certification.

I’m part of the “team 99” at my school and I’m excited to be renewing my first aid as I think it’s important to refresh this course (and also mandatory) and there are new method and things coming up at all times.  I’ve been finding it really interesting.

Not to mention I get to hang out with my cousin, Stacey, and go out to lunch with her as well.

And since the last time I’ve taken this course, I’ve lived through a loved one having an open heart surgery, a loved one dealing with a stroke, and one of my children chocking and almost losing her because of it.  So, I was very alert during these sections.

Then I got home to a VERY happy family.  The girls were AMAZING for Matt, playing outside building snow castles, doing their homework and then colouring the Christmas trees that I drew for them.

Then, I decided to do a bit of present wrapping- I’ve been DYING to wrap gifts and the girls were BEYOND excited to help me with their cousins’ gift.

So, I know many of you were reading back when I talked about Leah moving up a level in swimming and Lily being devastated about it….BUT we had a BREAK through this week in swimming lessons.

Lily has been petrified of swimming with her face underwater and it’s really been detrimental in her being able to advance.

Well, this week, she DID it, NUMEROUS times and was SO excited that she SCREAMED across the pool, “LEAH, LOOK, I CAN DO IT!!!!!”….not MOMMY, DADDY- she was PUMPED to show her SISTER that she could do it.  And Leah was SO proud of her!  I MIGHT have cried……………….

Alright- off to day TWO of first aid!

Have a great Wednesday!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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