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Man, isn’t it BEAUTIFUL outside?  This is the view from my classroom.  I am SO lucky to have so many windows in my class (some have NONE!?!) and to see this view- I also get to see who is jigging and bust them!

And this is the view on the way to work.

I know it’s a pain (I had to shovel before work yesterday and clean off my car) but at least it’s stunning to look at!

We had an hour delay of busses yesterday, which is always a pain as my first period suffers and falls behind my other classes.  So, I passed back marks and we chatted and enjoyed our time.  They are a LOVELY class, so it was nice to just chat, but we will have to work hard to make up the lost time.

Got my winter tires on TUESDAY!  Good timing!  Very thankful for that, but there have been a lot of accidents lately, so be careful driving out there!

I teach yoga at the high school I teach at, as a certified course.  As a high school, there are budgets, so I can only order so much every year.

I have been able to accumulate a class set of blocks, straps, mats and almost and entire set of eye pillows. (this has been over the course of five years- three teaching the actual course and two having “yoga club at noon hours and for certain athletic teams that request it)

I also HAD FIVE yoga bolsters, BUT was permitted this year to purchase nine more so now I have FOURTEEN!!!!!  Almost half a class set!  I am so, so, so excited to have an entire set so I can do full yin classes uses them!

Don’t they look so pretty???

I was asked to do yoga once a week with the senior girls basketball team, which I obviously said yes to, as I ADORE these girls.  So, I taught a 50 minute class to them after school and got to use bolsters as there are only 12 of them, so everyone got one!

Also- bonus- found these in my car today!  And I MAY or MAY NOT have eaten the entire bag…..

And after teaching the basketball team yoga, I took off to get the girls at my moms house (Matt worked late) and they were eating ribs, potato and peas… I joined them!  YUM!  Thanks mom!

Then we headed home and I read these two books before bedtime- if you don’t have these and you have kids you MUST get them.  They are awesome stories about young kids with BIG dreams, and they are fun to read as they have rhythm and rhyme.

And my Poetry crew met up today to try on sample sweaters so we know what size to order.  They decided they wanted hoodies, sort of like a “team” hoodie….and I LOVE the idea so I was on board.

One of our girls, from our extremely talented bunch of ladies, designed the logo and this one is going to be tiny on the front right chest area. (it represents the seed and growth of an idea)

And this one is going to cover the ENTIRE back of the sweater.  These are the actual drawings that Gillian drew for us.  Except it will say BMHS Poet Society

This is the mock set up that they sent back to us- AMAZING!!!!  Thanks Doyle Corporate Image!!!!

Also- tonight is Parent/Teacher for the girls!  So exciting to be on the OTHER side of the table, and also really anticipating it as I have some questions and concerns.

And then it’s Riverview’s lighting of the Christmas Lights.  Should be fun- will keep you posted!

Have a fabulous Thursday!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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