Balancing Mom Life and Work Life + Parent Teacher + DISASTER morning!

Ahhh, being a mom and trying to balance it all….easy right?  HAHA!

Ok, so I TRY to be a mostly positive person on the blog….but I have to share my Thursday morning with you.

My husband set his alarm earlier than mine (mine goes off at 5am) and meant to set it to vibrate but instead set it to the loudest alarm I’ve ever heard.  And it scared the poop out of me and got me going earlier than I had intended.  Whatever, no biggie.

Then I got up to get ready for the gym and he asked me to turn on the heater in the breezeway (he was headed out there to bike and it’s quite chilly) and to plug in his car.

Well, I couldn’t turn on the heater as he had unplugged it, and I had not turned on the light as I didn’t want to wake the girls.  So, I put my gym stuff down and turned on my phone flashlight and had to dig under a chair to get the plug/extension cord and plug and turn the heater on.  Great, then I went into the garage to plug in his van and took off for the gym.  Only to realize I had forgotten my water bottle at home.  UGH!  I know this isn’t a BIG deal, but I like to get in two of my five litres of water in at the gym, so I knew I’d be behind in my water intake.  Just annoying.

Got home, and made everyone breakfast and packed the girls up.  Matt was running late, so I had to hop into my car to bring the girls to their bus stop and then came home, put Matt’s chair in the van and went to get myself ready.  Then realized someone was coming to the house later, so I needed to shovel the walkway, because we got surprise snow on Wednesday evening.  So, I shoveled and then headed to work about ten minutes later than usual.  Of course this was on the day that traffic was backed up so much that it took me 24 minutes to get to work instead of 8.

HAHAHAHA, BUT, get THIS!  Got to my classroom and started to unpack my bag (with TWO minutes before the morning bell went off) when I took out my soda can I had packed and thought “Why am I so wet?” and looked down to see a punctured hole in the can and the soda water spraying my entire front… I turned it away and ran to the garbage and threw it out.

But my entire bag was SOAKED, including my laptop (it’s fine thankfully!) and a HUGE pile of tests.  The kids asked if I was done marking them, but I told them they were soaked and drying out and I’d give them back on Monday, haha.

ANYWAY!  I just wanted to share, because it was actually COMICAL, even in the moment between tears I was laughing at the craziness of it all.

Last night was parent/teacher interviews at the girls school.  It was really, really nice!  The girls both have super sweet teachers.  We heard that Leah is a very meticulous worker, who takes her time with her work (often being the last to finish, but the teacher doesn’t mind because it’s quality work like the painting below)

Also- I saw this in her writing book and gasped.  They have never drawn Matt like this before and I thought it was amazing and adorable that she drew the wheelchair.  So adorable!  No mention of the chair, just that this is her daddy.  SO CUTE!

And she got a feather to put in the Eagle nest.  This is when they do something really well, and the feather stays for the month and then comes home.  Pretty neat.

And apparently she is amazing at math????  Who knew??

And Lily is apparently super sweet to her classmates and is really well behaved  She got all C’s (consistently) for behaviour unlike Leah haha.  C’mon Lily- bring this attitude HOME!

And she apparently also works at a slower pace to make sure she passes in quality work and LOVES to draw.  We were worried about her reading as Leah is a bit more advanced but apparently it is at the level where it should be.  We might get a tutor though just to boost her confidence as she often mentions how Leah is a “better” reader.

We then WANTED to go to the Riverview Christmas Light Launch on the riverfront.  It is always STUNNING.  They do such an amazing job decorating the riverfront for the holiday season and the girls absolutely LOVE driving by it.  For the last few years, we have gotten to enjoy them daily as I would pick them up from daycare and we’d drive by them, but this year we won’t see them as often so I wanted to make sure they saw them on the first day.  However, it was FREEZING, so we will drive by them tonight.

Five Friday Favs

1. Ok guys, I know I talked about my Nutcracker obsession the other day, so look what I found!!!!!  Amazing.

2. Also- it’s time to take out my annual Snowman Advent Coffee Mug.  19 school days left until Christmas (this is the countdown that excites the high school kids more so than days left until the actual day)

3. Christmas cups at Starbucks!

4. Found some Christmas lights for my windows- we basically live in a Fish bowl though, so I’d like to get a couple more.

5. There is nothing better than a book well loved with LOTS of placemarks!

And I got in a wicked workout this morning!

Alright- have a FABULOUS Friday and an amazing weekend!!!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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