Weekend Update + Turkey Dinners + Corn Mazes

Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend.  We sure did…of course, there were some bumps….some….hiccups….that many family endure, I’m sure, but other than that we had a great time celebrating family and friends and relaxing.

Friday, we took off for the cottage right after work.  Matt’s sister was in town from Calgary so we wanted to spend as much time with her and her baby boy as we could.

Friday night we roasted marshmellows and had some visits before a fairly early bedtime.

Then Saturday, we had our FINAL boat ride before putting it away for the winter.

And then we decided to make lunch on the fire.  We made spidey dogs, and nachos in the dutch oven.

And the girls climbed trees and helped Bampy clean.

While we were on the boat, daddy decided to create a scavenger hunt for the girls.  He took some coins ($2.60 per kid) and some Quality Street chocolates and went ALL over the neighborhood hiding things.  Then we made the map together based on where he said he hid things.

The girls had a BLAST looking for everything, and then had the opportunity to use their money at the store later on.

We took some family photos at the “blue chairs” -this is the spot where Matt and I purchased land close to the family cottage where we will eventually build our own cottage.  Matt hasn’t been to the chairs since before the accident, but since he has the scooter chair, he was able to make it.

And of course, Turkey dinner at the cottage.

The next day, we were able to make it to my family Thanksgiving dinner.  Originally, we weren’t planning on making it as we knew we would be spending as much time at the cottage, but something came up and we headed in quite early.

We weren’t complaining in the end…as my brother in law is a CHEF, so let’s just say….the supper was PHENOMENAL.  He made a WHIPPED pumpkin, SKOR pie.  OH.  MY.  GOSH!

And the cousins got LOTS of play time.

Monday, we headed to Greens Pig Corn Maze in Salisbury.  And met up with my co-worker and her nieces.  And my bestie and her hubby and kids ended up being there as well.  Which was neat, because we have gone to the corn maze with them almost annually.

They have quite the play station before the maze and the kids had a great time there.  Then Becca, her nieces, and the girls and I went into the big maze and had a great time RUNNING around as Becca and I tried to keep up!

Then we got home, food prepped.

And headed to my moms for our final Thanksgiving dinner.

Then we played Snakes and Ladders.

After, Matt and Leah walked/ran home and Lily and I gave them a five minute head start and went after them.  Leah worked her BUTT off, running and PUSHING Matt up the hills…and we TIED.  Cool way to end the weekend.

Today is a simple, calm day, and I have an appointment tonight.

Special shout out to Bonnie Porter and her new hubby Brian.  They got married this weekend and I SO wish we could have made it to the wedding.  We had already had plans to spend as much time with Matt’s sister so we couldn’t make it.  But we were there in thoughts and saw the pics and it looked like a GREAT time.  Bonnie and family you all looked stunning!

Have a FABULOUS beginning to your SHORT week!!!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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