Weekend Update + Holding Hands + Treats + Dates

Happy Monday!  Hard to believe we are in the LAST full week of October already!  Time is just flying by!  The girls were pretty pumped when I told them that there is less than ten days to go before Halloween.

Friday night was a pretty fun, chill evening.  I had a meeting after school with the school’s social committee so we could prepare and plan some events for the teachers for the next couple of months.  Then I went home and spent some time with the girls before my mom came to pick me up to go to Chapters.  She wanted ideas on what to get the girls for Christmas, and it was super fun to be out shopping for Christmas.  I’m already half done my list and it isn’t even November yet!

Saturday, we got up and got dressed for the Legs for Literacy Family run.  The girls have seen me get medals for running races and have seen Matt get many medals for his bike races and they are obsessed with them.  They often play with them and wear them around the house.  So, Matt and I thought it would be great to sign them up for the family run- $10 per family and they all get medals.

It is only a 1km run, but the girls SPRINTED at the word GO and were dead tired 1/4 of the way in.  Then, they waited for me and ran my pace for the rest but struggled to get through it.  Haha, learning experience, next time they hopefully will know what it means to “race” a run.

To say it was windy, is an understatement, when we took these pictures:

Moments after the shot, the entire structure BLEW off the piece that keeps it inflated and it collapsed on us and started to blow away.  We caught it but it took six people to get it back together.  Not to mention, the timer fell as well.

There was a cute warm up before the kids “raced”, and Lily had a BLAST dancing along….Leah was being shy.

And afterwards, they had games for the kids to play.

AND they each got a Scholastic book as well.  What a wonderful family event!  They were pretty proud of their medals.

We got home and had a chill afternoon, drawing (well I drew, and they coloured)

And watching movies on the couch, bundled up under a blanket.  Leah held my had the ENTIRE time!  Oh, my heart!

Matt ended up going for a bike ride, so we took off to my mom’s house and had supper with her and my sister and her kids.

And then Matt and I had a chill night, watching Survivor and Breaking Bad.

Sunday, I got up and KILLED life!  And by that, I mean, I got up and did FIVE loads of laundry. (had helpers folding)

***My mom ended up giving them their hats that they were going to get for Christmas, and they haven’t taken them off yet.

And food prepped for the week, unloaded dishwasher, did dishes, cleaned out all of the girls clothes and put away any summer/spring clothes and took out their winter clothes and organized it all, cleaned the house, put away all the summer furniture and hoses and fed the girls ALL before leaving the house at 12:50.

Meanwhile, during this, the girls found little “houses” to play in.  Lily in her closet:

And Leah behind the chair in the play room:

THEN at 12:50, we took off and dropped Leah at my moms house, so they could have a one on one date, and Lily and I took off for our date.

We went to see Small Foot, which is SO good!

And Lily REALLY enjoyed her snacks and the glasses (it was 3D) but after her snacks were gone, she was ready for the movie to be over.  Haha.

Leah was with my mom****And when we dropped her off, Lily said “I really hope she has fun”- she was concerned that she would have more fun since she was going to a movie.

But she need not worry, Leah and my mom went to my sisters’ house so she could check on Claire’s knitting (she taught her to knit the day before).

Then they went to visit my nanny and Leah got her AMAZING homemade banana bread.

Then they went to Dairy Queen and Leah got a blizzard.

It was REALLY nice to have some one on one time with Lily and next time we will switch.  When the date was over, Lily was excited to go get Leah and be with her again.  Pretty cute.

Alright, that’s it for Monday!  Have a great beginning to this brand new week!



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2 thoughts on “Weekend Update + Holding Hands + Treats + Dates

  1. Love this! Zoey is also obsessed with medals but hers comes more from wreck it Ralph lol , Jordan and her came to watch me at the Foam Fest and the lady there giving out medals gave her one, she love’s her foam festival medal but I told her next year we were doing a run together where she would get one , I can’t wait to sign up for Legs next year 😁

    1. PS- they are coming out with a Wreck it Ralph 2!!! And it was so neat for them to experience a race….let me know if you sign up for one, we will meet you there!

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