Weekend Update + 7th Player + 5km Kegs and Legs

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We sure did, although it was JAMMED full of activities.

Friday evening after school was done I got home in time to eat, and get prepared for a 5km race.  I haven’t race since the girls were born and did not train for this 5km race at all.  I basically entered it as it was a charity event and it was also called Kegs and Legs- I got a free beer afterwards, so I figured, hey, why not? (and the medal is actually a beer opener- pretty cute)

I ran with my old running partner, Amy, who said it was crazy as she used to have a hard time keeping up with me, but this time it was the opposite haha.  I was running with an injury (my achilles tendinitis, and let’s be honest with an extra 15 pounds- so I was kinda holding her back).  BUT she ran with me regardless, because it was just for fun.  And gave me lots of nostalgic feelings and of course gave me the running/racing bug.  BUT, before that happens…I NEED to heal this achilles!

The most amazing part was that Matt came with the girls to watch and they were given my medal to put around my neck as I ran across the finish line.  It was adorable and they had a BLAST pretending to race.  Our mom’s came to watch too and after the race we went for drinks just the four of us (mom/daughter time).

Saturday we were up and at ’em.  We took off for the Y at 10:30 and the girls went to arts and crafts where they made super heros, and then they did gym time and then tennis.

Matt and I were BOTH able to get in a solid workout, first him (and I helped clip him in to the machines) and then he took off for the airport and I stayed and got my own workout in.

He took off for the airport because his sister flew in from Calgary with her boyfriend and 18 month baby boy.  They are home for Thanksgiving and we were excited to see them and spend time with Baby Kenzie- who is ADORABLE!

The girls had a blast playing with him, and they slept over too, so we got lots of time with them.  (next weekend we will be at the cottage with ALL the family, so it was nice to have some solo time first)

Sunday afternoon, we took off for the new Avenir Centre to watch the Wildcats hockey game.  Our nephew, Wyatt, was the seventh player.  Which means he gets to go onto the ice through the Wildcat mouth with the starting line up and skate around with them before the game.  He was SO nervous, but did a GREAT job. (My sister told me that the Wildcat players were SO nice to him and encouraged him when he was nervous)

It was pretty adorable.

When my sister and brother in law got there, they actually got an email WHILE standing in line to get in, that informed them that Claire would be the 7th player on Tuesday!  What are the chances?  So, we are going back tomorrow to watch HER be the 7th player this time.

The kids had a BLAST.

It was a pretty good weekend, and now we are headed into a week that ends with a LONG weekend!  So, THAT is exciting.  I can’t believe it is October ALREADY!!!!

Have a great day!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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