Thursday Thoughts + Puzzles and Cards + Leftovers

Alright- so my blood tests got postponed until today, so I haven’t gotten them done yet but I will keep you posted.  I just want it done so I can go back to eating what I usually eat (he wanted me to make sure I had gluten and dairy daily, which isn’t usually a problem with dairy but I started “carb loading” just in case and I’m so bloated….I know, I know TMI….I’m an open book….maybe to my own detriment….but doesn’t look like I’m about to change.  Sorry 🙂

Got home last night and I was just totally exhausted.  I seem to be exhausted ALL of the time lately, which my Doctor thinks is another symptom.  So, I sat down on the couch with the girls and cuddled under blankets while we watched some sort of Fairy movie.

And Matt was on a conference call, so I got up and did some essay marking….well I tried….I got four essays done and then just couldn’t do it anymore.

So, I made supper….THANK GOODNESS for turkey dinner leftovers!  YUM.  Thanks mom!

And then once Matt was done with his phone call, we all four sat down at the kitchen table and had an epic puzzle making session.  This is ONE of the TWO piles of puzzles we got through.

Before the girls decided to play Old Bone (Same as Old Maid, but Paw Patrol version).  This used to be an issue as Leah loved the Bone card and would seek it out and hide it????  The whole point of the game is to NOT get the Bone, so playing with her used to be frustrating and pointless, but she promised to play right this time and she did!  And we played two rounds and it was really fun.

OH!  And Lily decided at one point last night to show me this move:

It’s actually called Saddle Pose in Yin Yoga, but she doesn’t know that.  I asked her where she learned it and she said at school???  Cool, haha.  She was pretty proud of herself, and I was pretty impressed and how easily she could get in and out of it and how long she could stay in it!

And the girls decided to take Matt’s catheter boxes and create a maze for their Paw Patrol cars and pups.  They played with this using their imagination and creating scenarios for almost an hour.  I LOVE when they use their imagination.

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