Sheldon Kennedy + Video from Matt + Homemade gifts + Wednesday Tangents

It is Wednesday!!!

And I’m getting exactly what I’ve asked for!  A quiet week so far.  We had swimming Monday night of course, but last night was pretty much a quiet family night.

When I arrived home, Matt was JUST getting home with the girls.  They had gone to a park to play outside.  Since he had done fun things with the girls, I decided to take them to my moms for a visit, so he could get his 90 minute bike ride in.  We jumped in my car, well Lily and I did.  Leah wanted to scooter to moms.  So Lily and I followed her slowly.

When we got there, Leah found her Christmas gift from Nanny.  A hand knit hat and scarf (the scar is not finished, as there are two buttons that go on the front to hook it together.)  She LOVES it and didn’t take it off the entire visit (almost), but then I managed to hid it so she would forget about it as she wanted to bring it home but I know mom was planning on it being a gift.

And the girls convinced Nana to make them spaghetti (mom always has homemade spaghetti sauce frozen and ready in the freezer, so the girls know it’s an option) and so they had dinner at Nana’s.

AND, they watched FULL HOUSE!!!!  And they LOVE it! #winning  Leah said, “this is the type of show, where they laugh when something is funny, and they saw awwww when something is cute” – referring to the audience, haha.

We got home and Matt was still biking, so the girls decided to put on a show for him to entertain him- hoola hoop and basketball dribbling show. (don’t mind the messy garage

The girls and I then went in to change their beds from their summer comforters (thin owl quilt) to their big, comfy and warm pink comforters for winter.  They were very exicted.

And I saw this sign on their bedroom door.  Lily had made it and taped it up there before I was home.  So cute!

And then cuddling on the couch with Lily’s baby- Katie. (don’t mind my red face, I had just done a facial scrub)

Once the girls went to bed, Matt and I watched a bit of TV.  We have been trying to get to bed early (like I’m talking in bed at 8, lights out by 9).  So, by the time the girls go to bed at 7:30- it doesn’t leave us much time to spend together.  So, tonight we sat together for a bit and just relaxed.  As you know, if you read the blog often, I am a LOVER of Jamie…I mean the Outlander series, but Matt hasn’t watched it, so I leave that show for my cardio (this is why I LOVE cardio so much now!!!) and Matt and I watch Breaking Bad together, also a GREAT show, but there is no Jamie.

Then, a little Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban before lights out.

I read the first two book in a week and a half earlier in September (this is my 100th millionth time reading the series) but after the second one, I slowed down.  I had 80 essays to mark, 80 reading comprehension pieces, 80 film study summative assessments to mark, and 26 journals from my yoga class to mark.  So, I’ve been swamped and just trying to catch up.

Tonight, Matt and I are going to see Sheldon Kennedy speak.  He is a former CANADIAN professional hockey player and speaks openly about his experience being abused by his former hockey coach.  He is a huge advocater for child abuse and I’m excited to hear him speak.  One of the novels my students get the chance to read for book clubs is called Powerplay by Eric Walters.  It is based on a true story, and is very similar to Sheldon’s experience.  So, I think it will be cool to be able to tell my students about Sheldon’s speech.  You can read more about him here and if you are interested, the YMCA has FREE tickets.

Also- Matt does videos for his job at Tango, and they have #tuesdaytangotips and this Tuesday, he did a video about limiting beliefs, and how they can often hold you back because of your old, stagnant views on certain things- like how he thought powered chairs or scooters were NOT something he would ever need, because he thought he was more “able” than that, but in reality they could open his world to new possibilities.  If you wanna take a look, the video is here

Alright folks, that’s IT for today!  Have a great Hump Day!



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