PROM PRETTY! + Love Emails from my daughter

Good Friday morning!

It is Friday!!!  Isn’t that exciting?  I’m looking forward to the weekend as I plan on going to the apple orchard Sunday with the girls.  And a date night Saturday evening for Matt and I.  Other than that, a low-key weekend.

I am also attending PromPretty’s Parent Prom.  This is a local charity group, founded by Lara Lavoie.  She decided to create prom pretty in hopes of helping students in financial need who normally could not afford to go to prom.  You can check it out here

PromPretty offers formal dresses to high school girls in financial needs.  They find the perfect dress, free-of-charge, and get high school students blinged out and ready for the big day.

IF you have dresses that are prom-suitable (wedding dresses, bridesmaids, or your daughter’s old prom dress) that you wish to donate, message me or comment and I can collect them for you and bring them to Lara.  She is doing such a great thing and I know how much the students appreciate it.  I’ve seen it happen where students who want to go, don’t, because they are embarrassed by what they have to wear, and as sad as that is (because of society standards), it’s devastating that they have to miss out just because of a dress.

Actually, this is a message Lara got from a mother last year after prom.  THIS is why charities and fundraisers like this are so important.  It gives back, but also promotes paying it forward <3

SO- Prom Pretty presents PARENT PROM!  This is an event that is happening THIS Saturday at the Cocoa Room on Coverdale Rd.  There is music, drinks and most importantly a silent auction.  The proceeds from ticket sales for the evening ($20 each) and the silent auction goes towards Prom Pretty and getting as many gals ready for prom as they can.

BUT, 25% of the proceeds are also going to go towards The Rebecca Schofield All World Super Play Park. #beccatoldmeto

How amazing that Lara and PromPretty are sharing the love???

There are some tickets still available, and they can be purchased at Five Bridges in Riverview or you can contact Lara @ or on instagram  @prompretty506

AND you can dress in any which way!  I have friends who are dressing in 80’s attire, tuxedos, suits, bridesmaids dresses, modern dressess, little black dresses, less formal, more formal, etc., ANYTHING goes!

HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!!  Matt and I are pumped!

Also- PS. My daughter wrote me an email today through Matt’s computer.  Cute!

Alright, that’s IT for today folks!  Have a fabulous weekend!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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