My poetry girls <3 + Halloween Decorations + Orthotics

Well, the support I got from mama’s all over from yesterday’s post was phenomenal.  I felt all your love and read all of your comments and you really helped me feel like I was doing the right thing (and that I was in the midst of the beginning of forever, haha, but that’s okay….as tough as it is and will be I am FOREVER grateful that I had my twin girls.)

So, the girls were picked up today by my inlaws.  And they had a great time.  There is a spot by my place that I wanted to visit with the girls, but haven’t had the chance to yet, and today Matt’s parents did with the girls.  It’s a local Riverview company (Riverview people go ALL out for Halloween and Christmas decorations and I LOVE it!!!!)

They were able to get LOTS of pictures

And play around for a bit and LOVED it!

I had a couple doctor appointments today to try to figure out some of my recent issues I’ve talked about.

And one issue had to do with my Achilles tendinitis.  I went to see one of my husbands co-workers at Tango Medical and he was able to evaluate my stance and arch, etc., and then he did a mold of my feet in order to create orthotics for my shoes.  He believes that with these molds, I will be able to train for running again and be cured!  I am beyond excited!!!!!

After school, I stopped by my moms to visit with her.  She recently found out some really sad news about a close friend of hers and she was quite upset.  So, I stopped by to cheer her up….and ended staying for supper.  Homemade soup- DELICIOUS!

Alright, so I know I’ve talked about my poetry group before and how special these students are, so I wanted to share a poem that one of them wrote (she gave me permission).  This group of girls are extroadinary people and I will be really sad when they graduate and go off to University (although it will be exciting to see the amazing things they do in the future)

Mia wrote this poem and shared it with us in one of our recent meetings, and I’m not gonna lie, I teared up!

My favourite part of the week                                                                               A time dedicated to being with                                                                          my friends.  A place where I poured                                                                    my heart out and allowed myself                                                                         to tell the truth.  A longing to                                                                              write allowed myself to dig deep                                                                         and come to a realization within                                                                          myself that I was often lying.  Or,                                                                          keeping the truth.  A safe space                                                                           to share my problems, where I                                                                             could hear everyone elses.  The                                                                           moment we sat on the stool, the                                                                          breath before beginning, never                                                                            knowing what were are going to get.                                                                   What we were going to learn about                                                                     each other.  Poetry.  My Fridays, my                                                                    safe space, my home.

-Mia Cantini <3

Alright, have a GREAT day!



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