Memories + Accountability + Negativity

Some days when Facebook shows me memories from years past, there are such warm, wonderful nostalgic memories that flood back.  Pictures of my girls as babies, or videos of them just warm my heart, pictures of trips or canoe school with Owen warm my heart and make me tear up, and there are the general memories with friends that remind you of things you may have forgotten about.  It really is special and such a neat addition to the FB world.

These pictures popped up of a time I took a yoga course called “Girl on Fire” with my girlfriend Jessica.  We actually met through another yoga course and hit it off immediately.  We have a lot in common and are both (well we WERE young mothers at the time….) mothers.  I just really enjoy spending time with her and LOVED taking this course as it was a night away in Halifax where we spent the days doing yoga and learning about empowering women and spent the nights doing our homework, shopping, going out for supper and sipping wine in our PJ’s in our hotel room.  It was SO much fun!

She’s the kind of gal, that I don’t often have the opportunity to get together with, but when I do, it’s like no time has passed and we just catch right up!

Jess- we should look for another reason to get away together!!!!

Ok guys,

THIS comes out November 16!!!!!  Who is coming with me????????????

So, accountability time.  This is me today at the gym:

I’m quite happy with where my arms are headed, but would like the rest of my body to hurry up and follow suit!  I have mentioned before that I had gained twenty pounds in China and since then I have managed to work five pounds off, but a few factors have been limiting me.  One- my achilles tendinitis- every time I run or try to do intense cardio, my ankle SCREAMS at me.  And TWO- myself!  I self sabotage…..I love wine, and beer (which I can’t drink at this point until I find out for sure if I’m allergic to gluten) and I LOVE CANDY and chocolate and cheese and food.  Hahaha, now I’m a healthy eater, in general, but I have been consuming quite a bit of wine and quite a lot of sour keys and rockets…..So, I’m putting myself out there and TELLING you all that I WILL get back to my healthy weight in time for Christmas- so 15 pounds here I go!  Who is with me?  Anyone want to be accountability partners???

Got home from the gym this morning and Lily had MADE HER OWN BREAKFAST!  And she was SO proud of herself.  What a cutie!

And…..this is them heading out the door….in OCTOBER, with hat, mitts, winter jacket, insulated rain pants, and winter boots….because it was SNOWING outside.  I’m not ready for this!  Not until AT LEAST after Halloween!

So- negative people, we all know them, we all have them in our lives in some capacity…but man, they can be energy sucks!

Yesterday I posted about my orthotics appointment, and how I was super excited about the prospect of them healing (help at least) my ankle.  I didn’t know how to spell the word and I google searched it and everything- but nothing came up….it just kept telling me that I MEANT orthodontics which….wasn’t true- so I tried my best to spell it phonetically….anticipating that I was wrong….because I’m not perfect and even as an English teacher, I don’t pretend I am and will even encourage my students to question things or correct me if they know I’m wrong.

Someone kept commenting on my post yesterday and I had a funny feeling it wasn’t in a positive way and that they were trying to make fun of me, so I kept deleting their comment and tried to ignore it.  Eventually, they re-posted – at the END of the day….like they had been waiting all day for me to respond….so I finally did and I was right, they were waiting to make fun of me.

I’ve since delete it again, because I just don’t want to be reminded of negativity.  I’m too old to really let this stuff get to me, and you all know, if you’ve been reading for any length of time that my goal in the past year was to rid myself of people who are not good for me emotionally, physically, spiritually…or in ANY way.

I had a friend who posted something about what was happening with the Straight Flag in Chipman, and she had someone say something completely ignorant on her page.  She tried to nicely explain how that view wasn’t really appropriate and it didn’t really work.  The person ended up blocking her, and really….probably for the best.  It just isn’t worth it to have these people affect your life with negativity.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this- negativity and how you try to alleviate yourself of it (or people)….what are strategies YOU use?

Have a fabulous Thursday!!!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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