Happy Birthday Mom! + Claire was 7th Player + Outside Time

Good Thursday morning!

I want to begin by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mother!!!!  We love you nana!

And it was nice, because she picked the girls up yesterday from the bus stop and took them to her house as Matt had to work late and I had a doctor appointment.  So, after my appointment I went to her house and we gave her her birthday gift and had supper.

We also played Trouble a la Frozen mode.

And mom got the girls Halloween game books.  They were super fun.

The last few days (except yesterday when it was raining) the girls and I have been getting outside as much as we can.  Our good friends and neighbours are in Europe right now but they have an AMAZING outdoor play set and they don’t mind when the girls go over and play. So, we did.  We made “food”

And we swung.


At one point, I was curled up on the blue circle swing and the girls were pushing me from both sides and it was SO much fun!!!

AND, on Tuesday, Claire (my niece) was the 7th player of the Wildcat game.  So, just like Wyatt, she got an awesome jersey and got to skate out of the Cat’s mouth and warm up a bit with the players.

She did a GREAT job!

Alright, today is a short and sweet one to make up for my SUPER duper long ones Tuesday and Wednesday!

Have a great day everyone!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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