Five Friday Favs + Disaster Mornings + Randomness

Ah, it’s Friday!  And a long weekend at that!  Is it just me or has it felt like a slightly long week?

We had a morning like this- one child was beyond cranky as she had to get dressed….how COULD we make her GET DRESSED?  She was not a happy camper.

Then the other spilled her chocolate milk ALL over the floor….because she is clumsy.  So, I had to clean that up.

Then the first one couldn’t find her library book and LOST her mind because it was library day and if she didn’t bring it she couldn’t get a new one.  BAWLED.  I told her to look, she “looked” and couldn’t find it.  So I LOOKED and found it within moments.

Anyone else relate to this?  When you ask your child to look for something and they can’t find it for the life of them and you are literally LOOKING at it???  Haha.

BUT IT’S the weekend and I’m so excited to get to spend extra time with them.

Matt’s sister is in town from Calgary so we are spending lots of time with his family, but it should still be relaxing.

The girls had their first basketball lesson at the YMCA, and although they were nervous, they had a BLAST!

It is an hour and fifteen minutes, so Matt and I went upstairs and he got in a weight workout (I helped a bit and then the guy who works at the Y came over and offered to help, so I was able to get some cardio in)  I did the stepper, and 20 minutes of Jacob’s ladder!  LOVE IT!

Five Friday Favs

1. We are doing a new program at the gym and it involves BOX JUMPS!  I haven’t done these since my crossfit days and I missed them.  So.  Much.  Fun!

2. Don’t make fun of me, but they have PUMPKIN Greek yogurt and I LOVE it.

3. This lobster Halloween suit.  I NEED IT IN MY LIFE.  It is awesome and hilarious!

4. Because let’s be honest…..I do yoga EVERY day and TEACH it daily….but stilll…..there are some people HAHA

5. This meme….I am TOTALLY the second girl in the shark one and I WANT to be the Blueberry in the other one.

***And also I have pretty nails courtesy of the fabulous Tina.

Random- I went in to tuck in the girls last night, as usual, and this is what I see in Leah’s bed.  She has TUCKED in three of her animals and has placed them on HER pillow and so she’s sleeping in the corner with NO pillow.  She is hilarious.

AND then this came up in my FB memories today.  She had placed the pillows on the floor when she was not even 2 and placed stuffies on each of them. ***Note that all the stuffies are Disney characters and are stuffies from my childhood.

Alright!  That is it for the week folks!  Have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving and LONG WEEKEND!  Enjoy your family time and relax!  Maybe do a bit of yoga. 🙂



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