Five Friday Favs + 80’s/90’s kids + Love Posters

EEK.  In Wednesday’s post, I spoke of the sign Lily had made and posted on their bedroom door but FORGOT to post the picture!!!!  Whoops, I get mommy guilt SO bad and I felt guilty for forgetting…so here it is!

“I love MY Leah”….so cute!  Since they have been in separate classes they seem to appreciate one another even more and have been closer and getting along better.  I LOVE it!

Matt was away last night- he had to work in Bathurst and he stayed overnight.  So, his parents picked the girls up after school and brought them to basketball at the YMCA.  I met them there to alleviate them from their duties, haha, and then headed upstairs to get a good cardio session in.

The girls were SUPER excited to show me their skeleton outfits lit up, as I was at Sheldon Kennedy by the time they got to bed last night.  So, we went home so they could sit in the light in their PJ’s as long as they could so they would glow really well.  I understand their feelings, I get this excited about my PJ’s AND slippers as well!  Haha.

Five Friday Favs

1. Ok, I know I’ve shown you a lot of Harry Potter hoodies, but those who know me well know that before there was Harry there was MickeyMouse (Disney as a whole) and that I have loved ALL that is Disney since before I could speak.  I have two Disney tattoos, and have been to Disneyworld and plan on being there again soon with my own children.  I have EVERY movie, and know every song, except the most recent, and even then I know most of them.  So, when THIS popped up in my FB feed, I of course felt super creepy because I feel like FB knows more about me than my own husband does…but I also felt SUPER excited because I REALLY WANT THIS HOODIE!!!!!  Someone get it for me and I will love you forever, (right behind James Fraser)

2. I mean c’mon, I NEED THESE stickers, MC- can you make these for me??

3. So, the doc thinks I need to be gluten free…..he’s pretty sure I’m allergic, we are just waiting on the test results.  So, I LOVE protein cookies, but most of them are gluten LOADED haha, BUT I found these at Superstore, and it seems pretty decent and I’m pumped.  Trying it for breakfast tomorrow, will keep you posted.

4. I dislike cold as I am that person who is ALWAYS cold and shivering….but I DO love that it is HOUSECOAT AND SLIPPER SEASON!!!!  Bring on the plaid!

5. Chinese Checkers.  I LOVE this game and my family always played it when I was growing up, along with a boat load of other games and card games.  We did family game time a LOT and I cherished that time, and my sister and I are still big in to board games.  So, of course, I’m teaching my kids young and we do it quite often.  But now, they are getting REALLY good at this one and it’s super fun to play with them!

Also- hey 80/90’s kids….can you relate to this?  LOVED that adrenaline rush, haha!

Also- only in Canada would THIS happen, haha. Police Called After N.S Cleaners Mop, Vacuum Wrong House

Alright, have a GREAT weekend!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

2 thoughts on “Five Friday Favs + 80’s/90’s kids + Love Posters

  1. Hi Mel, I’m interested in knowing how the protein cookies are – gf and df has been my diet for about three years now – always interested in new finds.
    And, had a nice chat with Matt in Bathurst yesterday – we were lunching at the same spot 🙂
    Love keeping up with you on your blog!

    1. Wow, what a neat coincidence! I haven’t seen him yet, so I had not heard about this! Oh my gosh Karen, the cookie is SOOO yummy. And I am a chocolate chip cookie SNOB! It is one of the things I will miss the MOST being GF, especially the big ones from Irving or Sobeys, sold individually, so I’m happy I found this replacement!

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