Date Night + Ruined Surprises + Skeletons

Happy Friday…..oh wait, it’s Thursday, haha.  I woke up POSITIVE it was Friday and it took me quite awhile to shake it off.  In fact, even AFTER I shook it off, I got to school and started talking to my kids as though tomorrow was Saturday.  FAIL!  Guess I get a bonus day this week haha.

The girls got their school pictures taken and I’m in LOVE with them!!!  They both smiled really well and looked so happy….no more “cheese” pictures, you know the one….with the teeth gritted and you can almost hear them saying the word, ha!

And I picked up these ADORABLE PJ’s yesterday and the girls were SO excited about them.

They glow in the dark as well, and they had a BLAST playing “find the skeleton” when it got dark enough in the house.

Sad news, Matt and I took off last night to go see Sheldon Kennedy speak, and while we were gone, the girls went downstairs with Bampy to see if they could fix the TV and he went into the space under the stairs where I hide some of the girls Christmas gifts.  THANKFULLY, most of the stuff I’ve bought is hidden in my closest upstairs but ONE, BIG ticket item was downstairs and they saw it. 🙁

They were told to not tell me, lol, but Lily has a hard time keeping things from me and she told me this morning and started to cry because she could tell I was sad that they know what they are getting.  I felt guilty for her crying, and tried hard to make her see it was no big deal and an accident but she was still sad that my surprise was ruined.  What a cutie.  Leah was okay, she just wanted to know if she could have it now.  Haha, NO!

So, we went to Sheldon Kennedy, as I mentioned above and in yesterday’s post.

It was SO nice, being out alone together (we met up with some friends once we got there though) but it was nice having a date night.  Even though it was during the week and we are usually in bed by 8:30 and we only got home at 9….I was so sleepy. But it was an excellent evening and Sheldon did a great job talking about his experience in the NHL and being abused by his coach.  Again, you can read more about his story, here

And he was selling his novel at the event and ALL (100%!!!!) of the proceeds from his book sales went to the hospital and Mental Health facilities.  So, you bet I bought one!

I will read it and then plan to have it in my classroom library so the students can have access to it.

Alright, happy THURSDAY!  And I will chat with you tomorrow!



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