Thursday Tangents! + New Hair Styles + New Morning Routine

So, I had to do the morning routine the other day by myself, as Matt was leaving at 6:40 to head to Fredericton.  So, I went to the gym and then got home and Matt left, and then the girls and I started getting ready.  They have been taking the bus to school which leaves at 7:45 but I assumed we wouldn’t make it in time.

WELL, we DID!  We all three got ready, I did their hair, got breakfast ready and they packed their lunches and we were out the door in plenty of time.

I drove them down the street and parked to wait for the bus.  And it was adorable.  This is Matt’s “job” so I was happy I had the chance to do it so I could see them get on the bus and see how excited they were about it.  Pretty stinking cute!

Yesterday was a pretty tame day.  Like I had mentioned it started off pretty rough….but once I got teaching my emotions settled.  That’s the great thing about teaching, once you begin you put your “teacher hat” on and you MAKE everything go AWAY.  You are essentially an actor because if you are sad, or angry your students don’t deserve that, they deserve the best of you whether you have to fake it or not.  (There have only been a handful of times where I couldn’t handle it, like when Owen passed away….but my students were AMAZING that day)

This can be tough, but on days like yesterday it was actually a BLESSING as it made me tuck everything away and then the faking became real, and I cheered up.

Then I got home and spent some quality time with the girls and Matt.  They were outside when I got home and they had drew some pretty neat things on the driveway with chalk.

Then they showed me the grasshoppers they had caught… got loose and clung to me…I think it was scared for it’s life since his buddy….whom Leah thought was “sleeping” had already passed away…

Then we all (the girls) showered and ate supper.

The girls indicated that they wanted their hair to look like this tomorrow.



I think I did a pretty good job this morning!

It also inspired me to do it to my own hair!

Then had a relaxing night just watching a bit of TV with Matt.  I’m enjoying this break in bike training!

I also got a bit of yoga in and played around with poses- I love this one.

And this is the view I had on my way home from the gym this morning-gorgeous!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY and I’m so excited.  I NEED this weekend.  It is our annual girls trip to PEI with my closest girlfriends.  We are staying at my moms place as she’s not heading down this weekend- thanks mom!!  It should be fun!

Ok, have a fabulous Thursday!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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