Patty Cake + Grade 1 Crushes??? + Lily did her own hair!


I had book club last night, but I didn’t go….as I had a pretty bad headache all day.  And I actually ended up going home right after school and napping until supper time.

Feeling better today and hoping this is past me now.  It’s been a rough start to this week haha.

When the girls came home they were in such good moods and we read a few French books that they brought home for homework.

Then they played with Snap Chat.  Anyone else have kids that are OBSESSED with snap chat?

So- we got a note from Leah’s teacher saying she had TRIPPED someone in her class!!!!!  I was in shock!  We sat her down and had a chat with her and she immediately started to cry and told us that she was partnered with this BOY and had to read a book with him and she thought it was going to be fun but he teased her and she confessed that she has a CRUSH on him and so she TRIPPED him!!!!  Parents- what do I DO with this?  I’m NOT ready for CRUSHES!!!!!

They are also quite obsessed with clapping games, like patty cakes, and they want to do them over and over.

And Lily did her OWN hair yesterday!  She brushed it and put it in a ponytail and was so proud to show me when I got home from the gym.  It was a bit….messy, but she was just so darn proud that I let it go and let her go to school that way only to find out that the teacher fixed it later in the day, haha.  Guess she couldn’t handle the mess.

My brother in law is a photographer and does a lot of photos for sports teams.  He recently did this series of girls who play in the SEFHA (girl hockey league) where he asked them WHY they play and then did these AWESOME photos where half their face is visible and the other side is masked with their responses to the question.  When we were at Superstore getting some groceries the girls were BEYOND excited to see their cousin Claire up on the bulletin board!!!

Not to mention they also saw that Splash and Boots is coming to Moncton….and want to go see them……yay……………………

Alright- cheers to Hump Day….

Hope you all have a great one!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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